Volpy: Successfully re-engaging dormant users with SMS


increase in active users


Re-engaging dormant users

Although the Volpy app has one million registered users, only 130,000 used the platform every month.

The company found it challenging to get users to engage with the app and use it for its main purpose – to buy, sell, exchange, or recycle their smartphones.

Volpy’s main goal was to bring users back to the platform more frequently and to re-engage those who signed up but stopped using the app.

They wanted to achieve this by providing them with updates, incentives, and other reasons to come back to the platform over another channel, thereby increasing overall platform engagement.


Implementing Infobip’s SMS channel to further engage with users

After assessing Volpy’s needs, we helped them choose the best strategy for user communications – a simple SMS start-up campaign to contact dormant users.

SMS was recommended for its ubiquity and reliability. The channel also doesn’t require any additional app downloads and smartphone users are more inclined to open and respond to SMS messages. In fact, recent research shows that SMS messages have a 98% open rate. The channel is also ideal for reaching a large audience and encouraging engagement with as many users as possible – active or inactive.

Volpy could rely on Infobip’s reach and coverage to ensure their messages were delivered regardless of which operator users were subscribed to. With over 10,000 messages delivered every second, the platform was powerful enough to support all of Volpy’s messaging needs – such as sending alerts and notifications. The platform’s built-in global compliance engine ensured that Volpy was up to date with all regulatory requirements and could simply rely on our platform to get the results they strived for.

Volpy’s first campaign after implementing our SMS solution comprised of sending an SMS message to users who had not been active for five days, offering incentives to buy or sell their smartphones via the platform.


A 30% increase in active users within one month of the first campaign

Volpy began to see results immediately after their first SMS campaign. There was a 30% increase in the number of active users after a month’s time.

Volpy is now exploring additional campaigns and ways to use SMS to further re-engage dormant users. The company is also considering other channels through Infobip to develop an omnichannel approach for communicating with its users.

Infobip’s worldwide presence in over 190 countries and coverage with more than 700 operators has reassured Volpy that their planned expansion into the broader European market is possible.

With Infobip’s vast experience in customer engagement and activities, they were successfully able to help us increase the number of active users in our database by 30% in just four weeks. With their help, we managed to activate a large number of users with high conversion rates.

Sabrina Taelman Martini

Head of Marketing

Company Profile


Established in 2016, Volpy is an online application that allows users to buy, sell, exchange, and recycle smartphones with useful features such as real-time value estimates. More than 1,000,000 people in France have downloaded the app within two years. Volpy has about 130,000 active users and knows how valuable those active users are to the company.