Gen Alpha: An Influencing Power Driving CX

Early technology adoption influences the way Gen Alpha communicates

Generation Alpha are children born after 2010, ranging from 0 to 12 years old. They are the largest generation of future consumers and are expected to have the greatest spending power in history.

  • By 2030 they will have become customers, making purchases using their own money and expecting instant, frictionless, and personalized digital customer experiences.
  • Deep dive into how gen alpha will become the most influential customer in 2030 and what they expect.


own an iPad or tablet by their 5th birthday 


use WhatsApp on their smartphone or tablet 


have access to an effective online educational platform 

The most important thing businesses can do is change their operating models. If they can overcome organizational issues, they will see compounding value in the long term.

Adrian Benić

Chief Product Officer, Infobip

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