About us

Our mission

Since 2006, our mission has been to create seamless mobile interactions between businesses and people. An integral part of the A2P messaging evolution, Infobip is committed to creating solutions that just work. We believe it’s what’s on the inside that counts, it’s why we built our A2P SMS platform from the ground up. Our unique culture fuels continuous innovation at the platform’s core, allowing full control of security and service quality down to the deepest interaction. Our 58 worldwide offices represent our vision of being truly local, everywhere.

Meet the management


Silvio has been the driving force behind Infobip’s growth and the strategic focus towards professional enterprise and mobile network operator solutions since 2006.

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Having co-founded Infobip, Izabel devoted remarkable energy to building one of the world’s top performing A2P SMS systems.

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Infobip’s COO is the energy behind most creative ideas, passionately galvanizing both people and business operations.

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A local business oriented social network

A startup project realized by a group of friends, all talented developers, aimed at transforming the Vodnjan local community into a digital municipality, allowed us to recognize the potential of SMS. The initial idea was to connect people and local businesses, allowing them to communicate with one another over a web app, email, and SMS messaging.


Recognizing the business potential of A2P SMS

We had big plans for this new medium. This meant going to the Vodnjan city council and making our first business deal. The company made its first business deal for delivering 14,000 SMS greeting cards to the entire city. It worked, so it seemed like we were onto something.


Birth of the Infobip platform, building operator relationships

By further developing the API, Infobip was ready to make the jump to the big leagues. Back then, the A2P SMS market was still being developed, but we knew it was where we wanted to be. We also realized that the future was to achieve global reach, which was only possible through established worldwide relationships with mobile operators. That was our next huge step.


Infobip as we know it today is born

To do business, you have to have a company. In April of 2006, Infobip Ltd. was officially founded. Driven by our passion, we had hoped that one day, our brand would make a major mark in the global telco industry.


Going global with a proprietary A2P SMSC

Developing our own A2P SMSC as one of a handful of companies capable of doing that allowed us to take our business to the next level. It was the start of our successful partnerships with the world’s largest operator groups, and of globetrotting travels, among them our first ever visit to the Mobile World Congress.


A virtualized A2P SMSC

We enabled the virtualization of our A2P SMSC. The year also saw the opening of our global HQ office in London, United Kingdom. An official opening of our Moscow office brought a wonderful end to a productive year.


Launch of mGate, an automated Enterprise messaging solution

Clients with huge user databases come to the forefront as the importance of enterprise messaging in mobile engagement rises. The associated traffic increases bring benefits to the entire ecosystem and we start with our laser-like focus on the needs of enterprise clients. Our global expansion began with regional offices opened in Kuala Lumpur, Johannesburg and Buenos Aires.


sGate enables A2P monetization for operators

Additional traffic meant we needed to beef up on infrastructure and resources to provide our clients with top-of-the-line fail-safe guarantees. A dedicated datacenter in Frankfurt, Germany ensured consistent platform availability with minimum downtime. This was the first step to achieving a network of globally distributed network of 6 geo-redundant datacenters.


Making the jump to North America

The Vancouver office provided a local foothold in North America, the hotbed of technology development.

With the goal of providing a comprehensive intro to all newcomers, and to more easily transfer internal knowledge, the Infobip Academy was created. These ongoing internal educations and onboarding programmes helped a lot of enthusiastic individuals become fully-fledged Infobippers.


Solving the communication needs of tech companies

Increasingly, tech companies are looking for quality delivery and support on the telco side of the A2P SMS equation. We’re there to answer the call and provide them with 2-factor authentication, alerting and engagement solutions. Providing MNOs with modular business partnerships through direct connections, network monetisation and enterprise partnerships, Infobip grew into the world’s largest messaging network.


Introducing the Business-as-a-service Model

Entering one the world’s biggest mobile markets was made possible with a strategic business-as-a-service (BaaS) partnership with bSmart, a next generation wireless solutions provider. By becoming compliant with the strict data security standards set by the payment card industry, our platform could now process sensitive cardholder data with maximum security and reliability. Internationally-recognized certificates confirmed that global quality management and information security standards are applied throughout our organisation.


Becoming the best global A2P SMS provider

Thailand, Mexico, Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil and, finally, China. We opened 7 new offices across the globe in 2015, continuing our mission to achieve global footprint for a new level of commitment to all our local markets. Adding Voice into our product portfolio boosted our communications options.


Stepping into the next age of enterprise communications

Once again, the world of A2P messaging is rapidly shifting. Omni-channel consumer reach combined with big data analytics and interpretation enabled us to create a streamlined web-based access point to our platform. With the Infobip Portal, our company is trying to spearhead this evolution of business communications, offering unrivalled industry transparency, streamlined user experience and unprecedented control over our platform.


A new home and industry recognition

Congratulations, you've created a miracle. To have such a modern Campus located here, overlooking a national park, it’s simply amazing”, said Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković about the Pangea Campus – Infobip’s new home in Vodnjan, Istria.

More than 2 years in the making, spanning 3 floors located on top of 17,000 sqm of land, Pangea was officially unveiled on the September 23, 2017.