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Click to WhatsApp

Click to WhatsApp is a useful feature that easily transfers customers to a chat with a live agent or chatbot.

Click to WhatsApp is a feature introduced by WhatsApp which enables businesses to publish ads on Facebook and Instagram with the option for customers to click and be transferred to a WhatsApp chat with a live agent or chatbot.

When a business activates the Click to WhatsApp feature for specific posts on Facebook and Instagram, a call-to-action (CTA) button that reads ˝Send Message˝, along with the WhatsApp logo, will appear at the bottom of those posts. When a person clicks on the CTA button, they will be redirected to WhatsApp where a new conversation thread will begin with your business. This is where a live agent or chatbot can greet them to begin a conversation and to provide support.

Click to WhatsApp is a useful feature for businesses which want to raise awareness among existing and potential customers that they are available on WhatsApp. Since WhatsApp is the world’s most used chat app and the preferred communication channel for many of today’s consumers, providing support on the chat app and letting your customers know about it can be the advantage that sets your businesses apart from competitors.