What is an Email API?

An Email API (Application Programmable Interface) is an interface that allows developers to connect to an email service provider and use its functionality.

What are the advantages of using email API?

Email API allows you to send high volumes of emails in minutes, measure performance, enable easy customization, improve deliverability, and optimize security.

What can email API be used for?

Email API can be used for sending transactional emails. For example, sending one-time pins, monthly statements with attachments, card transactions, welcome emails, order and delivery confirmations, notification emails, and cart abandonment emails.

Also, it can be used for sending promotional emails, including holiday campaigns, special offers, new arrivals, or product launches.

What is the difference between email API and SMTP?

Email API is not the only way to integrate email functionality. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) offers that as well.

However, SMTP is the protocol that allows your computer or mobile email app to create and send emails to an email server.

At the same time, an API is a means by which different applications, platforms, software, and codes communicate with each other and division assets.

Aug 18th, 2023
1 min read

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