What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are short, pop-up messages that mobile apps send to users’ devices even when the app is not open. They are used for reminders, updates, promotions, and more.

Push notifications consist of a title, a message, and a URL. They can easily be enriched with various rich media such as images, videos, audio, and emojis to increase the open rate and offer more engaging messaging.

They are a powerful mobile-first type of communication that can increase message visibility, drive retention, increase user engagement, boost conversation, create a connected user experience, etc.

What is the difference between SMS messaging and Push messaging?

There are many differences between SMS messaging and Push messaging, the most important being the price difference. Push messages are less expensive than SMS messages, making them the ideal communication tool for notifying app users while not using your app.

Also, push notifications require a data signal or WiFi to be delivered successfully, while SMS messages don’t, as they are delivered via the cellular network. For important messages, SMS is recommended as a failover channel to ensure the message is seen.

Jan 30th, 2022
1 min read

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