What is opt-out?

The opt-out function is where customers request to stop getting promotional materials and messages to their email, mobile number, or chat application.

In the messaging world, it is mainly used by marketing departments to offer customers the ability to unsubscribe from the messages they receive.

The practice differs worldwide, and in some countries, the opt-out function is a mandatory part of message text by law. It usually comes at the end of a message as instructions on opt-out. Chat applications like Viber have an opt-out option for A2P messages at the top of the chat group.

What is the difference between opt-out and opt-in?

Opt-in and opt-out are opposites of each other. Opt-in means you consent to receive emails, newsletters, and messages, and opt-out is an action where you do not want to receive such information and do not consent to the use of your data for marketing purposes.

What is an example of an opt-out?

There are two main ways to offer Opt-outs to customers. When registering, users can uncheck a marked box to indicate that they are not interested in receiving news, feature updates, discounts, and other offers from your business.

Another form is consent withdrawal. This offers customers the chance to change their minds and withdraw their permission after the original consent. The most common method of consent withdrawal is the unsubscribe link.

Jan 6th, 2022
2 min read

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