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Ultimate phone and email verification guide

Having up-to-date and accurate customer data is critical to business success. Each day, countless customers provide millions of businesses their phone numbers and emails – and there are bound to be a few inaccuracies.

In this guide, we dive deep into phone and email verification. We’ll explore what each term means, why verification is important, uncover common errors that taint your customer databases – and what to do about it, as well as how to do it.

What is phone number verification?

Phone number verification is the process of determining whether a phone number is valid through various methods. Verification is used across numerous industries to confirm that the number being provided by a user is valid and available.

Verifying a number helps businesses ensure that they can communicate with users, but being able to verify numbers can also help prevent fraud.

In 2021, the FBI received 1,611 reports of SIM swap fraud, which cost over $68 billion in damages. And in a high profile case, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey had his account taken over in a SIM swap attack.

This shows that phone verification is important in cases ranging from being secure in your ability to contact users, to keeping users secure.

What is email validation?

Email validation is the process of verifying the accuracy and validity of an email address. This aids businesses in ensuring that the email addresses in their lists are correctly formatted, actually exist, and – most importantly – can receive emails.

But there’s more to it than simply making sure emails have a place to go. For example, businesses targeting invalid email addresses put themselves at risk of damaging their email sender reputation. This could result in legitimate emails landing in spam boxes and a drop in your email ROI.

This challenge also presents itself with phone number validity. And the implications on customer satisfaction and brand reputation are immense.

This guide will walk you through the details of phone and email verification, why having these checks in place is important, what to look out for, and some best practices.