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Phone and email verification help you to keep costs low, ROI high, as well as you and your customers protected from fraud. Let’s recap some of the other key points of phone and email verification.

Verification vs validation

Two terms that are commonly used interchangeably are “verification and validation.” While the two are related, they are distinct.

Validating emails and numbers will deal more with the formatting, whereas verification deals with ownership.

Specifically, validation is the process of confirming a number or address is valid, whereas verification verifies the number or address is valid and belongs to an individual human recipient who has ownership and access to the number or email address in question.

Importance of verification

Verifying records protects both your business and your customers by standing as a first line of defense guarding against account takeovers and other forms of fraud.

It also ensures elevated CX by guaranteeing customers receive messages and can be kept in the loop throughout their customer journeys.

High ROI is another important part of verification by ensuring a more emails land in the appropriate inbox, get seen, and the desired customer actions taken.

By verifying phone numbers and email addresses, businesses excel at CX, keep ROI high,and fraudsters at bay.