Moments features

Learn how Moments’ rich features can help you drive engagement throughout the customer journey with perfectly timed messaging.

Create authentic and consistent customer experiences 

All the tools and features you need to build memorable omnichannel customer journeys that convert.  

Moments features

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Harness the power of AI

Boost your campaign performance with the help of AI and smart automation.

AI content recommendation

Always use the most relevant content across all messaging channels to ensure maximum engagement and conversion rates.

Our AI tracks views, opens, and clicks and then uses machine learning and predictive analytics to make recommendations for the ideal message content for each recipient.  

AI churn prediction

Reduce customer churn using AI to automatically identify customers who are likely to leave so they can be targeted with retention campaigns.

The AI builds a prediction model, based on the behavior of churned customers, and estimates the probability of churn in the near future.  

Get insights to help improve your omnichannel campaigns

With insights and analytics, you can optimize your campaigns and create personalized messages.

Moments features

Create personalized omnichannel campaigns

See how Moments helps you scale your engagement efforts across
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