Making quality software: AI planning in cloud deployment

Kristijan Barlek

Stay tuned for the most recent findings on how quality software is made! One of Infobip’s internal tools – Deployment Manager,  will be presented this week at the Continuous Delivery Conference in Bussum, Netherlands, held under the slogan From continuous integration to continuous delivery.

In software development, the deployment of software rarely gets as much attention as other processes. Moreover, the deployment to the cloud can be quite complex when dealing with highly distributed systems requiring a wide range of different applications.

Having worked closely with Infobip’s engineers to get acquainted with Deployment Manager PhD students from the University of Groningen, Netherlands have discovered an excellent topic for their doctoral research. As a result of this work (which will continue in months to come) this week they will present how automated deployment can be improved with artificial intelligence planning. An increasing number of systems are adopting AI planning and scheduling techniques in order to afford a complex application context, and to get solutions that better fit problem constraints and user needs.

The use of AI planning techniques allows developers to model data quality requirements and automatically identify defined activities, and thereby contribute to redirecting relevant data to the right address.When using these techniques, the AI works on a per-goal basis, prioritising adequate goals and actions after analysing the situation.With this in mind, it’s easy to see the advantages of combining two powerful solutions such as Deployment Manager and AI planning.

To learn more about the automated deployment of cloud services by using AI planning, join our partners at the conference on, Thursday December 4 in Bussum, Netherlands, at the new annual high-level conference founded with the mission to address the many changes that impact how quality software is produced and delivered.

Dec 1st, 2014
2 min read

Kristijan Barlek