Celebrating International Women’s Day at Infobip

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Zoha Tapia

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Vodnjan, Croatia – March 12, 2018 – On International Women’s Day, global clouds communications company Infobip celebrated the women of technology inspiring more women to enter the world of ICT. The Infobip engineers shared their career story with several incredible Infobip women at a discussion panel at the company’s HQ Campus Pangea in Vodjan in Istria.

First out was Anja Hula. During her teenage years, Anja was a gamer, a computer lover and the go-to girl to install Windows on her friends PCs. She majored in Math and Software Engineering and Information Systems. After graduating she joined the “super tech team” at Infobip and advanced into a Team Leader, one of the very few women in her department.

Despite the society’s aim to bring more women into IT and science there are still too few women entering the field. As the global education efforts are steering more towards STEM initiatives and especially coding for girls there are still plenty of efforts needed in order for women to gain a career like Anja’s.

If I hadn’t been proactive, and if my teacher didn’t have the ambitious approach and additional resources available, I would never have learned how to code.

ANJA HULA – Team Leader, Infobip

Family support is key when choosing a career in engineering. The perception of more women entering management positions in the field is naturally a way to attract more women to the tech world.

Nina Knezevic  is Director of Telecom Solutions at Infobip and feels that knowledge and talent should always speak for itself.

I’ve been working in the mobile industry for several years now, and it is still uncommon to witness a woman carrying out negotiations or discussing large business deals. On a global level, I am mostly working with men. For me, the most important thing is to be an expert in my field, meet deadlines and deliver stellar results. Weather you are a woman or a man shouldn’t really make a difference.

Nina Knezevic – Director of Telecom Solutions, Infobip

We are delighted to present an increasing number of women joining Infobip. The global STEM programs are essential cornerstones of furthering women’s interest in IT. As an international company we also support initiatives such as Girls Who Code making coding a natural part of education.

Silvio Kutic – CEO, Infobip

Leda Link is a specialist in software testing. She believes IT and coding should be taught already in elementary school.

Girls and boys could gain an understanding of ICT from a younger age. It would place our next generation in a better position, making them more curious about engineering and IT.

Leda Link – Teal Leader, Infobip

Jasna Jaklin Majetic, President of Regional Chamber of Economy in Pula, believes that bringing key female executives together in open discussions is key to attract more women to ICT.

Snijezana Matejcic, female rights activist and journalist, stressed the importance of directing specific actions reaching women on both a grassroot level and through international initiatives.

It was inspiring to listen to these outstanding women in ICT, to witness their positive attitudes and strength.

Tamara Kirsic – Head of Business incubator at the Istrian Development Agency (IDA)

IDA supports nine new companies at their incubator in Pula. More than half of these companies have female founders.

It appears like new generations are rejecting stereotypes and boundaries that previous generations were raised in. They are breaking the trend with such dedication and I’m very optimistic about what can be accomplished in the future.

Nada Rokov –

35 percent of Infobip’s 1200 employees are women, above industry average, but still lower than the company’s gender goal. Last week’s discussion panel, held at Pangea tech campus in Vodnjan, was part of a series of activities held around the International Women’s Day.

An exhibition was prepared in honour of Ada Lovelace, Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu, Margaret Heafield Hamilton and Kimberly Bryant, powerful women in tech in the 19th, 20th and 21th centuries. Their initiatives and groundbreaking achievements paved the way for change in ICT. In Vodnjan, Zagreb and Rijeka offices, donations were raised for SOS Rijeka, a non-profit organization focusing on education, awareness and support programs.

In Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Infobip’s office joined forces with the UN-supported initiative IT Girls, hosting a panel on women in ICT. Female engineers took the floor to share their personal and professional stories, and spoke about challenges and the rewards of working at a global IT company. The Zagreb office opened its doors to “Zenska Soba”, a center for sexual rights.

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Mar 12th, 2018
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Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead