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Conversations and Answers: Now Available for General Access

Conversations and Answers: Now Available for General Access

Our digital cloud contact center solution and chatbot building platform are now available for businesses, offering a customer-centric experience with advanced automation and a free launch model to get you started

Many businesses struggling with the cost and complexities of on-premise hardware or siloed computerized systems are having to speed up their digital transformation plans to meet the rising expectations of today’s ‘always-on’ customer, as well as accommodate agents working from home. 

Today, companies look to technology to:

  • reduce costs
  • increase efficiencies
  • eliminate pain points (for staff and customers)
  • increase the value of interactions, and
  • cultivate customer loyalty

To help build connected experiences and transform frontline customer support into customer experience hubs, we have officially launched our omnichannel cloud contact center solution, Conversations, and chatbot building platformAnswers. 

Adrian Benic
VP Products, Infobip

Conversations and Answers are set to digitally transform contact centers to a cloud-based customer experience center. With both the solutions together, Infobip has built a reliable and scalable omnichannel cloud contact center that is easy to activate and get running. With Conversations and Answers, we provide the foundation of customer experience and growth, allowing businesses to focus on making human connections with the right customer care strategies.

Conversations – The digital cloud contact center solution

Conversations is an integrated solution that allows you to effortlessly upgrade your legacy systems with an easy to deploy and customizable cloud-based solution that strikes the right balance between automation and human interaction – providing an unmatched customer-centric experience. 

Example of messaging customers using Conversations web interface
Example of messaging a customer using the Conversations web interface

Businesses that use the Conversations cloud-based interface have access to:

  • the flexibility and convenience of omnichannel communications,
  • custom context cards to improve personalization,
  • AI chatbots to automate responses for simple queries, as well as
  • reporting and analytics for predictive insights that can boost agent productivity and help manage workload

As of today, Conversations will be available with enriched features for businesses who signed up during the beta phase including Bolt, CambioReal, and Jordan Ahli Bank.  

Conversations helped us transform our contact center into a real customer experience center. Infobip’s solution is secure and user-friendly, and this helped us build trust with our customers.

Livia Cassel
Business Development Manager, CambioReal
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Answers – The chatbot building platform

Supporting Conversations is Infobip’s intuitive chatbot building platform, Answers, which enables businesses to automate repetitious queries with seamless agent takeover when required – helping them balance tech (AI) and the human touch. 

Example of messaging a customer with a chatbot
Example of a conversation between a customer and chatbot

Businesses can use Answers to deploy keyword or AI-powered chatbots over WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Live Chat, RCS, SMS, and Apple Business Chat.

Adrian Benic
VP Products, Infobip

Conversations allows businesses to easily build customer experiences around their needs and with the implementation of Answers they get an added layer of intelligent automation. Business, agent, and developer-friendly – Conversations is the flexible contact center solution that is equipped to deal with any working environment, whether agents are in the office or remote.”

Improve your contact center experience

While both companies and customers adapt to today’s ˝new normal,˝ businesses that use Conversations and Answers will get a head start on their digital transformation, enabling them to:

  • Deliver an omnichannel experience and meet customer demand by communicating with them on their preferred channel, including SMSRCS, Live chat, Voice, Video, and Chat Apps (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, and Line). 
  • Work from home using the Conversations cloud-based web interface and access analytics to get insight into agent productivity, customer handling time, and cumulative workload – so you can adjust and optimize workload across agents, remotely.

The volume of requests we receive per month is now 4.5 times higher than before the pandemic. Thankfully, our employees can continue to work and provide our usual services by using Infobip’s cloud solution. 

Salem Ababneh
Manager, Jordan Ahli Bank
  • Automate the known using chatbots so you can respond quickly to frequently asked questions and enable seamless agent takeover for complex queries.
  • Contextualize interactions with a single view that gives agents relevant customer context when you integrate your CRM, web shop, ticketing, and loyalty programs systems. Agents can also understand how customers feel and adjust their communication accordingly using the sentiment analysis feature.
  • Measure experience quality using dashboards and reporting to identify and address obstacles that may interfere with agent productivity or performance – and analyze how your messaging support efforts are resonating with customers. 
  • Easily integrate, scale, and customize both solutions to fit your business needs and accelerate time to production with ready to use APIs. 

Conversations Starter Package

Infobip understands that digital transformation not only comes with a cost but expectations, too. Therefore, we have introduced the Conversations Starter package.

This package gives businesses a contact center running in the cloud within 24 hours, along with 60 days of no agent license fees and free unlimited chatbot sessions. To make the transition easy, a dedicated Infobip consultant will help tailor the solutions to specific business needs.

Start Your Contact Center Digital Transformation Journey

with Conversations and Answers