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Conversations Update: Outbound Calls, Enriched Analytics, and Improved Automations

Conversations Update: Outbound Calls, Enriched Analytics, and Improved Automations

With a goal to make your daily operations smoother, business productivity higher, and agents empowered, we have made new improvements to our contact center solution -  Conversations! 

Reach your customers with Voice

Every contact center has its own special aspects of customer profiles and communication that fits its needs best. Keeping your calls-preferred customer segment in mind, we’ve introduced various improvements to our Voice channel.

Introducing outbound calls

Since the official Conversations launch, agents using the interface could receive inbound calls. Now, they can make outbound calls, too – by dialing a customer’s number or selecting the contact from our customer data platform, People.

Outbound calls help grab customers’ attention by enabling agents to:

  • provide proactive customer service
  • conduct customer satisfaction surveys
  • collect outstanding balances
  • assist with renewal processes
  • and more

We’ve also enriched our outbound IVR flow by adding the option to transfer to an agent in Conversations.

Inbound call upgrades

Due to recent global events and the rise in remote work, we’ve introduced the ability to switch between audio and video during inbound calls. This new feature will make for a more streamlines and flexible user experience in cases when visual display is necessary to bring extra context and better call outcome.

Newly available call recordings

To help give you a better overview of your contact center’s customer communication, help with agent training programs, and enable you to optimize your business productivity, we’ve added the ability to record any call. This new feature will improve security and quality control – and will help you maintain compliance with all regulatory groups.

Set up after-hours automated messages

Although your contact center might have set operating hours, customers can seek assistance at any time of day. When a customer tries contacting a customer support team outside of its operating hours, these messages are often left unanswered for hours or even days.

To help you keep customer satisfaction rates high, we’ve enabled the real-time automated messages feature which allows your agents to set up replies for customers who contact your support center after-hours.

Now, you can set up automated messages that greet and inform these customers, letting them know that you’ve got their message and that they’ll hear back from you soon.

The automated messages feature will enable you to successfully operate across wide geographical ranges, build a good reputation as a business with high customer care, and ensure high customer satisfaction.

You can also automatically close those conversations so they don’t disturb your performance, and then reengage with those customers later.

Analyze and make data-driven decisions

We all love and trust data. That’s why we’ve introduced new Voice metrics that will give you insight on your overall contact center and agent performance linked to calls – including missed and answered call rates​.

To empower your everyday work and in-depth data tracking, you’ll find new filters and extended drill-down capabilities that help you search, browse, and sort in a simple way.

You can also get support in understanding those metrics and widgets with the new tooltips feature that guides you through the meaning of the data shown on your dashboards and maximizes your agents’ productivity.

Learn more about these features in the official Release Note