Dev Days 2016 tackle continuous delivery, code analysis and tech scaling

Kristijan Barlek

Every once in a while, something happens in software development that changes the way we understand software development. Continuous delivery is one of those things. It changes the economics of software delivery, and I like to discuss it on the level of cultural change, said British expert, developer and author Dave Farley to an audience of 300 gathered at the international Dev Days 2016 conference hosted by Infobip mid-May.

Companies practicing continuous delivery are more likely to increase profitability and market capitalization, and one third of them reports improved quality of software they develop.

Dev Days also tackled code analysis, organization concerns, and technology scaling in the fast-growing IT companies. Docker adventures was one of the most prominent topics in utilizing this innovative technology. The program saw speeches by Infobip CTO Izabel Jelenic and expert developers and authors Milan Mimica, Marko Stipanov, Matija Matosevic, Denis Cutic, Mario Zagar, Michael Feathers, and Vanja Radovanovic.

The conference attracted 90+ developers from the leading tech companies in the region, on top of 200 Infobip developers, network engineers and product owners. In the internal conference part, Denis Rudonja (How to have effective meetings), Mario Zagar (Unikernelize your (Java) app) and Marko Bjelac (Test driven development) were chosen as this year’s best speakers.

Located in 4 countries, Infobip’s Research and Development consists of 28 teams. They handle 400 services across 6 data centres, deploying services every few minutes, or 90 times per day.

Watch video clips from this year’s Infobip Dev Days.

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Jan 30th, 2022
2 min read

Kristijan Barlek