Full Connectivity in Peru: Top Quality SMS Connections for Enterprises

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Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead

Having achieved full SMS connectivity to telecoms in Peru earlier this year, Infobip is providing top quality connections to enterprises, developers and internet companies that seek to reach, engage and authenticate their users over the SMS messaging channel.

Infobip’s proprietary platform allows businesses to launch SMS notifications, alerts, one time PIN authentication messages and omni-channel communications for their customers and end users. Connecting to the platform is easy – over APIs, an on premise solution, or a web portal with powerful campaign management and reporting features.

Full connectivity was achieved through the extensive work of technical and telecoms teams in Peru.

The suite consists of direct A2P SMS connections to all the mobile network operators in the country, and is complemented with a powerful messaging platform, integration assistance for enterprise clients, and 24/7 engineer-grade technical support. It brings a new level of quality and reliability to the enterprise messaging space.

For mobile network operators, this is an opportunity to monetize the A2P messaging traffic, which is on the rise globally, and is calling to be addressed through partnerships, professional tools, and expert consultancy.

As Infobip’s Luis Del Castillo explains:

Mobile network operators in Peru have been very agile in adopting the innovative approach to A2P SMS services. This reflected favorably on the entire ecosystem. It was through their cooperation and partnership that we were able to develop enterprise-grade A2P SMS services, suited for different verticals in Peru. There’s no doubt that Peruvian mobile operators will play one of the key roles in the future development of A2P messaging – service quality, transparency and value delivered to enterprises

Luis Del Castillo – Business Development Manager, Infobip Peru

When asked about the tangible outcomes of partnership with Infobip, Mr Omar Fortun of Entel Peru said:

With Infobip, we’ve been able to monetize SMS A2P traffic and increase our revenue by signing a direct connection agreement. A2P SMS is a crucial revenue opportunity for us. From what we’ve seen, enterprise market is more educated and more inclined to use the SMS channel as an effective way of communication.

Omar Fortun – Projects & New Business Manager , Entel Perú

Infobip’s Peruvian office is located in the vibrant Miraflores district south of downtown Lima.

Oct 27th, 2022
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Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead