Infobip Enters Street Fashion by Launching a Limited Edition NFT Hoodie with IUTD Studios on Polygon

Ivan Soldo

Vodnjan, Croatia – November 21, 2022: Infobip, the most connected global cloud communication platform, collaborated with IUTD Studios to launch an innovative, limited edition NFT hoodie. In cooperation with young Canadian-Croatian designer, Joshua Čirjak, Infobip enters the street fashion game, becoming one of the first in the tech industry to do so.

Along with the organization of Infobip’s Shift and the acquisition of the leading SEE tech-business magazine Netokracija, Infobip continues to make strides in reaching out to the developer and tech community by entering street fashion. And hence the launch of the Infobip Worldwide hoodie – a perfect statement piece where fashion meets tech.

“Developers love hoodies, I would even say it’s their favorite fashion piece. Although almost every tech company has its merchandise – hoodies, t-shirts or even socks. At Infobip, we decided to make a well-designed and limited-edition fashion piece – in short, a hoodie that people would want to wear with pride, and thus the idea of a collaboration with IUTD Studios was born. As we are among the first to do such a thing in the tech industry, so decided that a hoodie without tech was not worth making, so we added technology by integrating them with NFT tech to make them alive in the digital world,” Ivan Burazin Infobip’s Chief Developer Experience Officer.

Thanks to a built-in reader, each of the 300 fashion pieces are unique and authentic. They can be verified by scanning the NFC tag with a smartphone. The Infobip Worldwide hoodie is inspired by Infobip’s mission to connect people globally. It shows the growth and presence of the company in over 70 cities around the world by listing it on the back of the hoodie.

“Also, along with the hoodie, we created a set of special accessories – pins. Each pin represents one of Infobip’s global locations. With this, we wanted people all over the world to be able to collect and combine pins on their hoodies and thus give them an additional dimension of uniqueness,” said Burazin.

IUTD (I Used to Dream) Studios is a trending design studio started by the young Croatian designer, Joshua Čirjak, who previously collaborated with celebrities and global brands for whom he made designer clothing. In cooperation with Infobip, he has successfully combined modern technology and his famous design.

“My idea was to create a hoodie that is alive, has a heart and is unique. Each hoodie also features a built-in NFC tag that enables the owner to possess it in both parallel worlds in which we live – physical and digital. It is a great honor for me to cooperate with Infobip. I am extremely grateful that together we managed to do something extraordinary and innovative,” said Joshua Čirjak, Creative Director at IUTD Studios.

“Every future buyer of the Infobip Worldwide hoodie will be asked for their Polygon address prior to completing the purchase. Once they receive the hoodie, they will be able to claim their NFT by touching the NFC tag, after which the option to add it to their digital wallet opens. There are no payments needed (also known as “gas fees”) for the owner of the Infobip Worldwide hoodie, as Infobip’s backend service will create or “mint” the NFT for them and after adding it to the wallet, anyone can touch the NFC of the hoodie and automatically check the authenticity via OpenSea.” said Marko Marinovic, CTO of Blank the company Infobip tapped to create the technology.

All information about the limited series of IUTD Studios x Infobip hoodies, as well as personalized accessories, will be available on the website.


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Nov 22nd, 2022
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Ivan Soldo