Infobip Expands Messaging Offerings With Email, Push, Viber For Seamless Enterprise Communications

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Zoha Tapia

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Single API enhances security, privacy, and speed for more than 200,000 business users

VANCOUVER, British Columbia and SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — With a client list that has allowed it to reach nearly 60 percent of the world population’s mobile phones in the past 12 months, Infobip is expanding its capabilities as a leading cloud-based mobile messaging platform with new email, push, and Viber channels. These new channels integrate with its existing voice and SMS services to complement its communications solution.

“These new features reinforce Infobip’s commitment to be the most robust communications platform in the world,” said Infobip founder and CEO Silvio Kutic. “It enables companies to run their mobile-first communications based on customer preferences—all through a single, centralized platform. Our messaging API streamlines security, privacy, integration, and speed—all of which are paramount to best-in-class customer engagement.”  

This newest update is part of a long series of upgrades to the platform that give enterprises an easy-to-deploy, mobile-first communications solution for the burgeoning customer communications market.

“Too often customer communication and engagement are not integrated across a company. They become siloed in product-based structures that can’t adapt to changing preferences, nor to an interest in products across several groups,” says Adrian Benic, vice president of platform and operations. “The key to solving these problems is understanding user behavior, channel preferences and technology protocols. Orchestration of a seamless mobile customer journey —that is the problem we solve. Our commitment to ongoing platform upgrades aims to deliver a better solution to that problem.”

Infobip is singularly qualified to develop and release a proprietary end-to-end mobile communications solution. Its history of developing cutting edge communications platforms for banks and telcos has made it acutely aware of how important it is to bring communications into a centralized infrastructure for stability and security. Infobip’s cloud-based communications platform gives enterprises the peace of mind that all of their data and communications are secured and protected from server to customer.

“The Infobip platform performs more than 7 billion monthly transactions for companies in more than 190 countries around the world in finance, transportation, retail, ecommerce, travel, social and beyond,” said Jeff Swan, marketing director, Infobip North America. “Some of the most recognizable companies in their respective categories rely on our proprietary platform to deliver messages and security solutions to their customers. We understand how critical it is to reduce the number of steps in message delivery through multiple providers to overcome global messaging challenges including security, verification, fraud protection, authentication, and connectivity.”

Infobip serves world’s largest internet companies, social networks and financial institutions with a range of mobile-first communication and authentication services. From anonymized 2-way SMS to on-premise messaging solutions to 2FA implementation, Infobip’s customers rely on the stability and reliability that only a company of its scale can provide.

The Infobip channel communications guide for marketers is also available on eBook beginning today at

About Infobip

Infobip is a global mobile cloud communications platform enabling companies and developers to reach 7 billion mobile devices connected to over 800 telecoms networks. Operating 50+ offices in 40+ countries, Infobip innovates at the intersection of digital communications and telecoms technologies, creating new ways and opportunities for businesses and consumers to interact over mobile devices. Its proprietary platform has 200,000 accounts, and processes around 5 percent of the global A2P SMS volume. The company is self-funded and is headquartered in London, UK, with offices on six continents. Visit www.infobip.test for more information. Infobip is on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Sep 28th, 2016
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Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead