Infobip at the forefront of digital banking at Juniper’s Future Digital Awards

Kristijan Barlek

Infobip’s efforts in powering messaging security and automation for financial institutions have been credited by Juniper Research, commending our outstanding contribution to Digital Banking as part of the Future Digital Awards 2015.

Future Digital Awards are presented to companies that Juniper sees as having made significant progress within their sector during the previous year, and are poised to make considerable impact in the future. The modular messaging gateway mGate, currently deployed in over 100 financial institutions across the globe, manages messaging automation and security – our primary drivers of innovation in financial communications.

The solution integrates with large-scale enterprise databases, bringing banks and other financial institutions security and extensive customer messaging automation. End-to-end security is achieved through VPN tunnelling, strong encryption and IPsec standards that help protect your traffic and confidential consumer data. Our robust modular architecture is paired with specialised 24/7 support for effective delivery of critical client communications.

With certifications for Global Quality Management (ISO 9001), Information Security (ISO 27001) for messaging, Infobip services used by the financial sector hold up to highest industry standards. The platform itself is PCI DSS compliant, capable of handling sensitive cardholder data as required by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

In recent years, a number of banks we’ve been working with have used us as a professional SMS channel to facilitate adoption of their newly launched banking apps for smartphones.

Aug 18th, 2015
2 min read

Kristijan Barlek