Infobip hosts the GSMA’s IWG plenary meeting

Kristijan Barlek

ZAGREB, CROATIA, 22 May 2012 – Infobip, one of the fastest-growing mobile services providers in the world, announced today it will be hosting the 16th plenary meeting of the GSMA’s Interconnect Working Group (IWG) in Zagreb, Croatia. A renowned provider of mobile services to enterprises and mobile operators across the world, Infobip is an associate member of the GSMA and an active participant in its working groups, as well as a regular exhibitor at GSMA’s events worldwide.

Following up on active engagement with the world’s leading mobile telecommunications association, Infobip is proud to be a first-time host of a GSMA working group. The Interconnect Working Group has overall responsibility for interconnection matters worldwide and its aim is to improve interconnect and interworking relationships between mobile operators as well as between operators and international carriers, hubbing providers and many other stakeholders in the mobile communications industry. Infobip’s CEO Silvio Kutic says, “The IWG is one of the most important working groups of the GSMA and we have a vested interest in participating and working together with our peers to enhance the interworking opportunities in the international telecoms ecosystem. Hosting the IWG plenary is an honour and we’re looking forward to a very informative, collaborative and productive meeting.”

The IWG #16 Plenary Meeting will take place in Zagreb, Croatia, from 23-24 May 2012. 

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Infobip is a global telecommunications specialist providing a cutting edge Mobile Services Cloud enabling seamless integration between enterprises and mobile network operators. Infobip’s entire portfolio of services and solutions is designed and developed in-house and draws on extensive experience gained in this market segment.

By adopting a regional approach with dedicated development and support Infobip is able to provide clients worldwide with carrier-grade quality, reliability and flexibility whilst at the same time understanding and incorporating local requirements.

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May 22nd, 2012
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Kristijan Barlek