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Infobip Introduces the Young Coders Program

Infobip Introduces the Young Coders Program

Empowering students with invaluable practical experiences.

We’re really excited to introduce the Young Coders Program, aiming at empowering Croatian students in Software Engineering.

Infobip has hundreds of skilled engineers and top regional programmers constantly innovating the platform responsible for sending more than 6 billion monthly SMS messages globally. By the time you’ve read this, our dev teams have already deployed 8 platform upgrades in a fully-controlled environment. Located in 5 countries, Infobip’s R&D consists of 28 teams. They handle 400 services across 6 data centers, deploying services every few minutes, around 90 times per day.

We feel that a working experience in an innovative IT space is something that enriches the already solid theoretical knowledge which students acquire during the education process and gives them an opportunity to gain practical experience. By presenting a challenge of a high-tech platform, they can test their mettle by working with top experts, see what kind of methodologies and technologies are used and what concepts like Domain Driven Design, Clean Code and Continuous Delivery mean in practice. A potential employment opportunity also awaits the best and brightest upon the completion of the program.

Izabel Jelenic – CTO, Infobip

The Young Coders Program is a continuation of our focus on positive hacking initiatives such as Infobip Dev Days, a knowledge-sharing conference which attracted 90+ developers from the leading tech companies in the region, on top of 200 Infobip experts in its last iteration, our involvement in Hour of Code and other programs proving an opportunity for students to learn and improve in the field of computer science.

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