Infobip is the World’s #1 A2P SMS Vendor for 2018

Kristijan Barlek

Out of the leading A2P SMS Messaging Tier 1 Vendors in the latest annual ROCCO Performance Report, Infobip came out on top – as the #1 Tier One A2P SMS Provider – for the second year in a row. 

The ratings were very close this year, as there was much more competition across the board. With 52 vendors, and new elements including the Net Promoter Score® (NPS®), which measures customer experience and predicts business growth, Infobip has certainly earned its #1 global ranking,

Jason Bryan – CEO, ROCCO

Based exclusively on MNO feedback, the ROCCO report is an impartial assessment of vendor performance. The renowned ROCCO award has long been considered an industry benchmark – the only way a vendor can be declared a ‘Tier One’ is to reach 4-5 points out of 5 – across 35 performance and leadership categories, rated by 369 MNOs from 147 countries. 

Professional team with incredible talent and understanding of the industry. Always at the forefront of innovation and very progressive in creating solutions.

They are experts in their job and they also have customer interests at heart. They offer sound and beneficial advice on the possible options that a business can use both to protect the network as well as to monetize the options available.

Their uncompromising stance on quality and the drive to improve and expand their service quality and coverage is most impressive.

According to the report, Infobip was recognized as the global leader with an overall rating of 4.47 out of 5. In 2018, CEO Silvio Kutic announced that the company was just starting, and this year’s performance score is a testament to the philosophy of forward momentum. 

With even more competition this year, we’re proud to achieve the highest NPS average grade and be rated number one among the Tier One vendors, for the second time running. Being recognized in the industry for growing our A2P business in an organic way is a significant achievement and reflects our proactive approach to satisfying the needs of our customers and partners,

Silvio Kutic – CEO, Infobip

Jun 19th, 2018
2 min read

Kristijan Barlek