Infobip Push now powering Windows Phone apps

Kristijan Barlek

Good news, another platform has been added to our Push portfolio! Along with Android, iOS, and frameworks like Cordova, Phone Gap and Sencha, we have now added Windows Phone, too.

Like all our solutions, integrating Windows Phone push notifications into your app is easy. All you need to do is to use our Windows Phone library and enable the platform usage on your push panel. If you already own an Infobip account, you’re ready to go!

Now, why not take a moment to introduce yourself to the Windows Phone notification types:

Notification tiles – A tile is an image that represents your app on the Start screen. (Flip tile – when receiving a notification, the app icon flips over, Iconic tile – you can set an image which appears in the centre of a tile when a notification is received) Notification toast – A toast appears on the top of the screen to notify the user of an occurring event, such as news or weather alert Raw – A “silent notification”; the user doesn’t get notified, but all notifications are stored in the app

And that’s it. Sending push on Windows Phone is now at the palm of your hand. With all 3 major platforms under a single push provider, we have your app completely covered, all you need to do is try it out!

Jul 7th, 2014
1 min read

Kristijan Barlek