Infobip Statement Regarding Ukraine

Kristijan Barlek

We are appalled by the suffering and the humanitarian disaster in Ukraine and our hearts are with all those impacted by these horrifying events.

Since the beginning of this unfolding crisis, our multifunctional response team has monitored the situation daily to, first and foremost, help our people in the region, as well as ensure the business continues operating without disruption.

Standing with our people

At this time of devastating violence and destruction, we are witnessing bravery, solidarity, and an unbeatable desire for peaceful resolutions. All our efforts have been focused on the safety of our teammates in Ukraine, their families and their friends. In the first instance, we have supported them by assisting evacuation to and providing accommodation in Croatia, or other parts of the world, to ensure they have financial, physical, and emotional safety.

As a global company we are diverse and hold strong to our values, but respect humanity as the most important value of all. We are committed to our colleagues wherever they are, including our Russian employees, whose lives have been adversely impacted as a consequence of the recent developments.

Bippers together

Our employees worldwide have again shown their generosity, open hearts and unconditional support to our community. We thank our Bippers who are partaking daily in the humanitarian aid in the field in countries bordering Ukraine, and to those who met the families of our Ukrainian colleagues at Ukraine’s borders to evacuate them to safety. We thank all Bippers who have offered their homes as shelters and donated to the Infobip Foundation for humanitarian aid in Ukraine. Infobip will match 3:1 all employee donations to the Infobip Foundation to help alleviate this unimaginable suffering.

Suspending Business

We have restricted our business in Russia and suspended the operations with the sanctioned companies following the international sanctions and our values. We are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to adapt our business accordingly.

We support a world where everyone has the freedom to live, create and work in peace. We long for an immediate end to this war with peace again restored in Ukraine.

Mar 9th, 2022
2 min read

Kristijan Barlek