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Introducing Conversations [Early Access]

Introducing Conversations [Early Access]

A conversation workspace for customer service teams where you can manage all customer conversations across any messaging channel with ease.

A single workspace for customer service teams where they can view and manage customer conversations from beginning to end, across any messaging channel, with ease.

Consumers want to interact with brands in the same way that they would with other people, through their preferred channels, whether it be Facebook Messenger, SMS, or WhatsApp. However, there is a big gap between a contact center’s ability to adopt digital channels to connect with customers in a scalable way and what customers expect.

For most businesses, interacting with customers across multiple channels often leads to disconnected experiences. It’s difficult for customer service teams to carry forward the context of a conversation from one channel to another, as well as interpret data-driven insights that contribute to overall customer satisfaction when agents must rely on notes alone.

Today, we’re announcing  Conversations [Early Access] — a single workspace for agents that unifies messaging channels and empowers teams to easily talk with customers, while unlocking insights by understanding the customer’s most pressing needs.

The following features will be available to test during the Early Access period: 

Engage with Customers on the Channels They Prefer 

Many consumers consider messaging apps to be one of the most effective communication channels in their daily lives.  

For the beta release, we’ll support SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber. Accelerate your time-to-resolution by meeting customers on the channels of their choice. 



Unified Workspace for your Team

With Conversations, agents and customers can switch between communication channels without disruption. For example, when the conversation moves from WhatsApp to SMS, the chat history and context moves along with it, creating a single, continuous conversation thread in a single workspace. 

Full Conversation History

The advantage of never having to ask your customers to repeat themselves.

Agents will be able to instantly pick up the conversation where a previous interaction left off. By connecting interactions from the first contact to the most recent from any channel, agents can seamlessly continue the conversation without asking the customer to repeat the entire history of the issue.

Get Insights Through Analytics & Performance 

Analyze and monitor your team’s performance, as well as customer activity with a real-time dashboard and reporting. 

  • Manage conversation volume
    • Track the number of conversations your customers initiate on each channel, the type of topics or any defined category to quickly manage agent workloads and decrease customer wait times.
  • Optimize agent performance
    • Evaluate performance metrics, such as agents’ overall handling time by channel, queue, and average customer wait time per channel, so you can efficiently plan for agent’s availability.
  • Improve customer satisfaction ratings
    • Track resolution times and trending topics to empower your team to better your customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Actionable reports
    • Get detailed reports on conversations and pivot based on customer data, agent, queue, or tag to improve your team’s performance. 

Smart Automation

Chatbots and intelligent routing, based on business logic, will enable teams to achieve efficiency by automating the inbound experience.

  • Intelligent routing helps route incoming customer inquiries effectively. Set up conversation routing using custom business rules to ensure each customer request is sent to the appropriate agent for the best resolution.
  • Automate instant answers to commonly asked questions, to get customers the help they need, while agents focus on resolving more complex tasks. All bot-to-agent conversations will be saved to the customer history for your agent’s reference.

At Infobip, our goal is to help businesses simplify the complexity of global messaging and enable them to interact with customers in a personalized way with ease. With Conversations [Early Access], we aim to help brands improve their customers’ experience through contextual conversations.

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