Meet Customer Demand and Manage Agent Workload Effectively

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Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead

While we’re reeling under a global crisis, contact centers worldwide are challenged with the combination of managing a high volume of customer queries and working remotely. The need for the hour is a flexible, scalable and digital cloud-based contact center solution to maintain a consistent customer experience, which is where Conversations is uniquely placed.

To help you keep up with your customers’ demands on a real-time basis through an omnichannel approach and manage workloads effectively, we’re continuously working on enriching our solution. Our early access version of Conversations can help you mitigate some of the challenges, while we’re on course to roll out the general availability version, with greater features soon.

So, while your agents are taking care of your customers, let’s introduce you to what’s new with Conversations.

Get measurable insights into your agent’s productivity

Our newly added Agent Utilization Analytics will help you and your contact center managers get measurable and impactful insights into your agents’ productivity.

With the increased need to work from home, it is important to manage agent productivity and workloads. Our analytics will help contact center managers track the agent’s customer handling time and cumulative workload. Some agents may spend only 40% of their time managing customer interactions, while others may operate at a much higher capacity – leaving them with little or no time for a lunch break. The addition of Agent Utilization Analytics will give you an insight on how to adjust and optimize the workload across agents in the best way.

Enhance customer experience with Sticky assignment

Often customers’ feel like they aren’t heard, and one of the reasons is they have to repeat themselves with every agent interaction. This leads to frustrated customers, lack of loyalty and high drop off rates. Conversations’ new Sticky Agent feature helps direct customers to the same agent who they last interacted with. This way the customer knows the agent will understand them better and agents will be able to solve queries quicker.

Provide agents with relevant customer context

Giving your customer contextual and personalized service is a hallmark of a contact center, but it could also be time consuming and costly if not implemented properly. We’ve introduced Custom Context Cards to our Conversations platform.

What this does is give your customer support team the proper context required to provide a quicker, and more personalized response to your customers. In the current pandemic affected scenario, contact centers will be inundated with even more inquiries across all industries, and Custom Context Cards will help agents address each customer query during these sensitive times with a personal touch.

Conversations can be easily integrated with CRM, ticketing, and eCommerce systems such as Jira and Shopify, providing all the relevant data on one interface. Serving contextual data in one place improves agent efficiency by helping them troubleshoot faster, improve resolution time, and increase customer satisfaction.

Improve agent productivity with canned responses

Imagine being asked the same question repeatedly and having to type out the same answer over and over again. Not only is this time consuming but can also lead to an agent feeling frustrated. To provide a great customer experience, it is important to ramp up the agent experience as well. One solution to automate FAQ’s is chatbots, but what if you don’t use a chat bot?

Our feature Canned Responses will arm your agents to answer these queries quickly and effectively. Canned responses are predetermined textual templates that can speed up the responses of your agents and help them respond to several queries simultaneously. It leads to resolving more issues in less time and results in increased customer satisfaction.

Improving the conversational experience

Automated customer service with AI chatbots leads to enhanced customer experience and reduced costs. But for a chatbot to be successful, human intervention is crucial, including configuration, training, and optimization. There are some inquiries, which a chatbot can’t handle and requires a human touch. Hence, it is important to enable seamless human to take over when the chatbot gets stuck.

Through Conversations, contact center managers will be able to monitor all interactions exchanged between bots and customers in real-time. In case the bot is struggling, they’ll have the Agent Takeover action available to transfer the customer to an agent.

Monitoring bot conversations will help managers identify bottlenecks in the bot setup and make improvement suggestions, which leads to providing a better customer experience. Also, it will help them measure how many conversations end up being transferred to an agent to organize the workload better.

Check out more of our new features and improvements in the official Release Note.

Apr 3rd, 2020
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Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead