MWC picks up

Kristijan Barlek

This year’s Mobile World Congress exhibition kicked off yesterday and things are picking up today, with plenty more from our team and of course, the Infobip stand party today at 16:00.

It’s one thing seeing the concept art, but the real-life version of the Infobip stand is truly spectacular and really stands out at the entire event. The construction features a more intimate seating area and an enclosed conference room on the upper level, and our execs have been putting both to good use right off the bat.

Our founder and CEO Silvio Kutic has been the most sought-after person at the Infobip stand, heading the rest of the team who have been keeping busy and evangelising our mobile ecosystem. If you swing by, you’ll be greeted to a warm Infobip welcome.

All this sums up to the busiest Infobip appearance at the MWC ever. We’ll be bringing you more first-hand information and news, and for more photo galleries and updates, check out our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Feb 25th, 2014
1 min read

Kristijan Barlek