Infobip and neXva partnership: full content and billing solution for mobile operators

Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead

London, UK, Vancouver, Canada, San Diego, USA, 21 February 2013 – Infobip, the world’s leading mobile services provider and neXva, a fully managed and hosted white label app store solution provider today announced their worldwide partnership.

Thanks to its global footprint and close cooperation with mobile operators, Infobip is now providing in addition to their direct carrier billing platform, a fully managed and hosted solution that includes an application store and content provided by neXva. This unique business model is providing new revenue streams to operators, new markets for content providers and easy “billing on phone” solution for end users.

This is not just a win-win situation where mobile operators are having new revenue streams and content providers are extending their market to the world. It’s about using the knowledge to push new technologies into emerging markets, bringing the changes closer and faster.

For more information, visit www.infobip.test and


About Infobip:

Infobip is an international provider of mobile messaging and mobile payments. Its in-house developed solutions are used by businesses and organisations around the world.

Infobip’s portfolio includes SMS messaging, m-payments, push notifications, developers’ libraries and MNO solutions. Services are offered in a cloud, with very simple integration and 24/7, highly skilled support. Operating in 26 offices, Infobip serves tens of thousands of business users, allowing them to reach 5.9 billion devices in 190 countries.

Maintaining one of the best platforms in the industry, Infobip has 160 direct connections and covers a total of over 800 mobile network operators. Infobip is an associate member of the GSM Association, Mobile Marketing Association and Mobey Forum. More info at www.infobip.test.

About neXva:

neXva, founded in 2009, provides solutions to the problems facing the mobile app ecosystem. Through a unique combination of proprietary cloud-based technology solutions and a robust mobile app store platform neXva offers a fully managed and hosted white label app store solution for mobile carriers, brands and others that want a mobile app store without managing to the infrastructure necessary to make the app store a success. neXva is based in San Diego, California and has offices in Paris, France and Colombo, Sri Lanka. For further information on neXva, please visit or contact us at [email protected].

Infobip contact:

Darko Blazok-Broz

Oct 26th, 2020
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Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead