People API: Easier Targeting and Communication

Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead

We’re constantly striving to provide the best communication solutions. This is why we’re introducing the latest update to the Infobip API – People. This new update lets you automatically connect a client database with the Target module in the Infobip Portal by using Infobip’s API.

What does the People API do?

Previously you had to manually extract data from your database and upload it. This usually resulted in large amounts of time being wasted, instead of being invested into more meaningful and profitable tasks. In addition to this, it also increased the chance of a likely human error.

The new API will make a lot of manual work unnecessary. The People API will connect your website, CRM, or application with the Infobip Portal and enable you to automatically gain consent and collect user information.

Check out a basic example of how the process can look like now:

1.   The user signs up and gives his contact details.

2.   The user is then automatically added to People, and optionally tagged with a specific Tag.

3.   You can create a new communication with the information gathered from the signup, or the user can automatically be added to a preexisting communication.

What are the benefits?

The People API gives you a new set of tools designed to ease your communication organization and also help you with reaching the right persons over the right channels – right now.

In addition to saving costs and work hours with automation, you can now segment your users with more efficiency. By using the People API you can add a description in the Infobip Portal for a certain event by creating a tag which will gather all of the users that meet the specific criteria under the desired tag.

For example, you can include all of the users who have abandoned their shopping cart under an “Abandoned Cart“ tag, then all of them can receive an SMS inquiring why they didn’t finalize the purchase, or you can communicate a completely different, enticing message to them.Infobip Portal People preview


Preferred channel of communications is another focal point of the People update. Using your user’s channel of choice helps in creating the best user engagement possible. By asking users what their desired channel is during the signup process this information is automatically added to People in the Portal and a unique user profile is created, thus simplifying your campaign planning and segmentation.

Visit our Infobip API Developer Hub to learn more about how your communication with users can benefit from the People API.

May 2nd, 2018
2 min read
Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead