Portal 2.0 Preview: The Next Generation of Customer Interaction

Kristijan Barlek

We’ve made a big step in improving the experience of our Portal to give you a unique and immersive OMNI experience across channels your customers are using. By making the Portal smarter and more intuitive, it will be even easier for you to organize and track your communication efforts based on the preferred channel, time and message of your customer.  The upgrade to the improved Portal will occur on 15. January 2019. In the following weeks, we will send you additional information on the process.  

WHY did we improve the Portal?

Our vision of creating a unique OMNI experience for your customers has pushed us one step forward. As we were adding more and more channels of communication, we recognized the need for a more simplified and unique approach to managing your interaction with customers regardless of the channels used. 

So what are the main improvements we did?

All your activities are now present in the three main modules, Target, Communicate and Analyze.  Portal navigation is now always visible and accessible, making orientation easier.  Campaign creation, regardless of the channels, is now in one module.  Reporting and logs for all your channels are now in one place.

Take a sneak peek at the new module organization in the image below.

Focus on three main modules

To ease and improve your usage of the Portal, we’ve designed three main modules to simplify user navigation. All of your activities will be built around, Target, Communicate and Analyze.  Target will serve as an extension of your CRM, helping you segment your audience based on various characteristics. You will be able to sync your CRM with the Target module over API to speed up the communication efforts organization. It will also help you track all data across channels to create a unified customer profile, targeting your customers over their preferred channel, at the right time and the right location. Communicate is designed to be a central hub for all of your communication activities, grouping them in a single location. You will be able to build campaigns regardless of the channel or channels and track them in a single, easy to use, module. All communication organization efforts will have the same look and feel so your learning curve to use more channels of communication will be very short. Analyze will help you track the results of your customer interaction. All the channels you are using will now have a central dashboard where you will get an overview of the traffic, expenses, delivery rates, and recent campaigns. Reports will now enable you to export more specialized reports depending on your area of work. You will be able to export reports for specific campaigns, check the traffic performance and/or specific report for financial reports like message price or total expenses. All of these modules will be supported by short video and text tutorials which you can find in the LEARN tab. 

The image below shows the channel dashboard which will give you all the traffic info in one place.

Dec 3rd, 2018
3 min read

Kristijan Barlek