Re-energize Your Market Efforts with Infobip’s Wholesale Opportunity

Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead

Grow your SMS market share in some of Europe’s biggest markets – Italy, Poland, Romania, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Spain, Portugal and Germany with Infobip’s new wholesale pricing.

The digital infrastructure and modernization in Europe has made the continent a prime location for unlocking the value of business messaging. 

Infobip’s unrivalled connectivity and operator connections boosted by our new wholesale pricing plan for these countries is everything you need to grow your market share.

We’re making this unique opportunity available to all with an attractive pricing that has been reduced by up to 15%. The offer combined with proven technology makes it even more imperative for wholesale customers to act now and take advantage of the business messaging opportunities in these markets.

Why Infobip?

As a cloud communications leader, at Infobip, we bring you our global expertise with best-in-class use cases along with local insights that will empower you within the region.

Global and local compliance: Trust and security is at the heart of what we do. Our wholesale offering comes along with the assurance of being GDPR compliant combined with SMS regulations in each country. Therefore, ensuring you are compliant at all times.

Leaders in CPaaS: According to the latest report “Omdia Universe: CpaaS Platform Providers 22-23” Infobip is a consistently high-performing vendors and rated as a leader, with all its category scores ranging from 75% to 92%. We have also been a leading SMS aggregator and connectivity services provider, with robust communications network credentials, rated at 82% when it comes to connectivity services.

High connectivity: Ownership and access to communications networks is essential to provide high-quality CPaaS capabilities on a global scale, and Infobip has the capacity to reach more than seven billion mobile devices and “things” and is directly connected to over 700 operator networks in more than 190 countries.High delivery: We have invested in other network infrastructure, contributing to our ability to deliver communication traffic at low latency and high quality, which is essential for time-sensitive traffic such as that associated with enterprises’ communications with customers. This includes direct connectivity to telco networks, local infrastructure (e.g., we have more than 40 data centers).

Global expansion: We have further expanded our communication network and capabilities in 2020 and 2021 with the acquisitions of US-based messaging provider OpenMarket as well as the global VoIP provider Peerless Network; the acquisition of SMS firewall vendor Anam Technologies strengthened our position in the SMS firewall market: offering a solution that combats SMS fraud and vulnerabilities at a network level, Infobip CpaaS reassures that the SMS channel is as clean as possible.

Don’t miss the chance to keep delivering unmatched communication solutions to your clients with a CPaaS leader: reach out to [email protected] today for pricing info and offer details.

Sep 2nd, 2022
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Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead