SMS API powered up

Kristijan Barlek

We’ve recently launched a redesigned, upgraded version of our unified SMS API. Developers can get high-end capability for their apps and quickly solve their messaging needs in any programming language of their choice.

The upgraded REST SMS API can be processed by any HTTP client.

You can integrate it very quickly, thanks to easy-to-use methods and parameters. Documents, examples, and tutorials have been prepared for developers to get a handle of our entire API and its functions in no time. Additionally, every example is available  in JSON, XML, cURL, PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, C# and JavaScript, which will definitely speed-up your development.

High-end SMS logic and capability is also available. Features like Multiple SMS to multiple destinations will enable your apps and IT systems to send multiple messages to multiple destinations by calling just one API method.

The Unicode SMS tutorial will explain how to send Unicode messages over binary “Send SMS” methods. SMS language & transliteration features allow you to use the full capacity of your SMS text without using Unicode characters.

With custom Bulk id and message id you can uniquely identify each SMS message sent over our platform. Advanced features also include SMS scheduling and validity period.

Coding in your preferred programming language enables you to get native, making our SMS API perfectly compatible with your app. Our tutorials help you to do anything, from just get started with our API to offering advanced usage examples for building things with Infobip SMS API.

Connect to Infobip’s professional messaging platform in minutes! Your apps and systems will get fully-featured SMS messaging capability and the ability to reach any mobile user, anywhere in the world.

For more info about our new SMS API, visit our new developer web.

Jun 23rd, 2015
2 min read

Kristijan Barlek