Students, join the App Start Contest!

Kristijan Barlek

Get ready for the App Start Contest – one of the most popular student competitions and mobile app development events in Croatia. Organised by eSTUDENT this competition encourages teams of college students under the mentorship of the leading IT companies to build programming solutions for a variety of mobile platforms since 2012.

This is your chance to make your idea the next big thing in apps so apply for the competition until January 31 and get creative! The most talented developers from Croatia will be gathering in Zagreb on January 16 along with the organisers from eSTUDENT to officially present the contest – visit the Faculty of Electrical Engineering on Friday at 16:00 and hear more about the partners, sponsors, competition rules and criteria.

Dragan Bencic with 2013 runners up, Tomislav Dubravcevic and Josip Antolis later employed by Infobip

As has become tradition, Infobip continues to support both the App Start Contest and eSTUDENT in an endeavour to boost development, creativity and teamwork among young people in the region, which goes hand in hand with our values and beliefs.

The maturity of certain competitors, as well as their app designs and programming, is quite often a step beyond from what we expect, which always blows us away. Personally, I’m always impressed by the focus of young people who know exactly what they want to accomplish and at the same time display the skills to professionally showcase it to a broader audience. Some of our existing developers presented their case to work in Infobip right at this very competition

Dragan Bencic – Senior Software Engineer

Jan 14th, 2015
2 min read

Kristijan Barlek