Tailor-made communication solutions for Asseco BS

Kristijan Barlek

Thanks to the partnership agreement, Infobip obtained the status of an authorised provider of mobile cloud solutions for Asseco BS designed for the SME segment. Infobip cooperation with Asseco Business Solutions will be based on improving communication capabilities by using Asseco WAPRO SMS systems.

In order to go into new markets with our offer, we developed a new approach to the management of sub-accounts, creating API tailored to existing products. In addition, our team has enabled customers to automatically create and supply accounts. Work on this project has led to the signing of the contract with Asseco Business Solutions and the implementation of our SMS services directly in Asseco WAPRO apps. Users of this software can send messages without leaving the apps. In addition, each Asseco WAPRO client receives 50 free SMS messages automatically assigned by our system. Cooperation with Asseco Business Solutions is very important to us, we’re looking forward to the mutual benefits started by our joint activities.

Leonid Bandrivchak – Regional Director, Infobip

Asseco Business Solutions is one of the leading software companies in Poland. The company offers innovative solutions, already implemented in 23 European countries. Asseco BS is a part of the international Asseco Group present in 30 countries around the world.

We are pleased that we were first to market an authorised SMS solution for Asseco WAPRO. Cooperation with the well-known manufacturer of SMEs systems will allow us to have a bigger reach to the small and medium-sized businesses segment. Already, after only a couple of days of usage, we have received numerous inquiries from flower shops, pubs, warehouses, etc.

Marcin Papiński – Business Development Director, Infobip Poland

Jun 6th, 2014
2 min read

Kristijan Barlek