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A2P messaging growth: Tele2 Estonia to address the opportunity with IB partnership

A2P messaging growth: Tele2 Estonia to address the opportunity with IB partnership

Tele2 Estonia CEO explains the changing SMS landscape, and the plan to handle growing A2P SMS through the Infobip platform

In a recent commentary, Tele2 Estonia CEO Argo Virkebau explains the changing SMS landscape, and the Tele2 Estonia plan to handle the growing A2P SMS traffic through the Infobip platform.

There is an increasing variety of application-to-person SMS use cases seen across industries, with the trend largely associated with the rise of new messaging apps, social networks, and internet companies, says Mr. Virkebau. There is also the need of businesses to establish reliable, immediate communication channels with their end users over mobile phones.

SMS messaging is migrating from the person-to-person channel to the enterprise segment. Common usage is in authentication, i.e. delivery of one-time PINs to social media and OTT app users, as well as in critical and mobile-first communications in healthcare, smart home systems, banking and travel, to name just a few industries in which both enterprises and their end users benefit from the ubiquity and reliability of the professional SMS channel, in the words of Mr. Virkebau.

Tele2 Estonia has seen an increase in the percentage of A2P SMS messages received by their subscribers. A year ago, only 4 percent of the messages they received originated from applications and businesses. Today, this number has grown to 11 to 15 percent.

You can access the article here (in Estonian).

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