Telekom Deutschland and Infobip partner to streamline mobile security

Kristijan Barlek

Mobile Identity suite available as part of Telekom Deutschland’s security solutions portfolio for business customers

Bonn & Munich, September 2021. Telekom Deutschland, one of the largest mobile network operators in Germany, and global cloud communications company Infobip, have today announced a collaboration in the mobile security space. Telekom Deutschland will offer Infobip’s mobile authentication solution Mobile Identity to its business customers, ensuring seamless security for both businesses and end customers.

Mobile phones have been used as a method of verification for many years, traditionally via two-factor-authentication (2FA) through email, SMS, or a push notification. Each of which has drawbacks, notably through inconvenient channel switching. By utilising Infobip’s Mobile Identity solution however, Telekom Deutschland’s enterprise clients can confirm customers are who they say they are by verifying their mobile phone numbers securely and silently in the background, without requiring the customer to enter a verification code.

By verifying a person’s mobile phone number, activities such as account creation and payment of an order, can happen without interrupting the customer experience. The security offering from Infobip includes Silent Mobile Verification, meaning Telekom Deutschland’s customers can verify users in a smooth and unobtrusive way; Know Your Customer (KYC) which uses available information in compliance with PSD2 SCA and GDPR standards, to ensure a customer’s information is correct, and finally, SIM-Swap check, which uses real time insights to see if a mobile phone number has been swapped, protecting customers from this rising form of fraud.

Using Mobile Identity to easily verify customers via their mobile phone number and eliminate the risk of phishing or interception of passwords is a level of security everyone benefits from. The speed and seamlessness of the entire process means this comes without hindering the customer experience, paying dividends when maintaining customer loyalty and securing strong CSAT and NET promoter scores.

By collaborating closely with Telekom Deutschland and other MNOs in Germany and across the globe, we want to create a stable ecosystem for enterprises and their customers, ensuring a secure experience doesn’t come at the cost of a frictionless one.

says Mareike Tatic, Director Sales DACH, Infobip.


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Sep 21st, 2021
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Kristijan Barlek