Vancouver is our gateway to North America

Kristijan Barlek

Officially announced this Monday, the Infobip Vancouver office has been in the works for some time now. Vancouver offers Infobip very specific benefits and it was a carefully chosen location, slated to become Infobip’s gateway to the North American market. With its buzzing gaming industry, it is the perfect location for promoting our Centili m-payments solution, but it also offers a foothold in the North American market for our enterprise and operator solutions.

All of this makes Vancouver possibly Infobip’s most important global office and such an undertaking required one of Infobip’s most trusted and experienced operatives. Massimo Cristini has previously worked on the other side of the Pacific, setting up and ultimately leaving the Kuala Lumpur office as one of our regional powerhouses. This made him the natural choice to be in charge of this project, but he’s finding it’s hard to break away from his Malaysian role, as his title will be Managing Director North America / APAC.

Maybe it seems like too much for one man to cover, but Kuala Lumpur is a well-oiled machine and I have full confidence in the team that we’ve built over the years. My role as MD APAC will be largely, shall we say, ceremonial.

Massimo Cristini – Vice President Business Operations, Infobip

Local presence always calls for local talent, even more so in demanding North American markets.

Local talent is indispensable for establishing your brand and business in a new country, that’s why we’ve recruited a young and enthusiastic team right here in Vancouver

Silvio Kutic – CEO, Infobip

The team has been thoroughly trained in internal processes and now has an extensive knowledge of Infobip’s processes and portfolio, which are just the tools for developing our business in North America.

Before starting to crack the demanding markets in Canada and USA, the first task for Infobip’s rookie office is to attend the Casual Connect event in Seattle, which started yesterday and concludes tomorrow. Headed by Massimo, the team will present Infobip and Centili to the targeted audience of gaming and social media companies – we’re sure it will be a success and watch this space for a report.

Jul 25th, 2012
2 min read

Kristijan Barlek