From Being Fired By Zuck To $100 Million – Noah Kagan Interview

Even if you don’t follow Noah Kagan, you know of Noah Kagan.

In this episode, we talked with a seasoned entrepreneur renowned for his successful ventures, such as AppSumo, and his YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers. We caught up with Noah during our visit to SXSW in Austin, Texas where he also promoted his new book “Million Dollar Weekend”.

Our hosts, IBB and Mia, explored Noah’s early career, his time at Facebook and Mint, his everpresent desire to be an entrepreneur which he wanted to be since he was a kit, and the hard decisions that come with leading a 200-person tech company and other ventures.

Kagan shared valuable insights on scaling a business by being scrappy, emphasizing the importance of doubling down on what works and utilizing unconventional marketing channels. He talked about the content behind his YouTube channel, how his goal is to further incorporate Noah Kagan (the media personality) with AppSumo, why he should have done that sooner, and why even Jeff Besos should start a podcast!

Our guest made some interesting remarks regarding what work a CEO actually does and why companies need more CEOs – not less. He also touched on the fact that he was famously fired by Mark Zuckerberg (he was employee no. 30 at Facebook) and explained how and why that set him up on a path to success, as why you should have fewer ambitious goals year after year, and how can that compound and leave you with more time to be creative and ultimately more productive.

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Marko Mudrinic

Global Developer Content Expert