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Scale Your Transportation and Logistics with Global Communications that deliver

Link customer convenience to unforgettable experiences with AI-powered, omnichannel communications. From ridesharing to delivery, streamline your mobility services with our solutions. 


Scalable, real-time communications – on any channel

Keep connected with our global reach and local presence. Deliver superior transportation and logistics customer experience with real-time notifications, one-time passwords, automated communications over SMS, chat apps (WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger), Email, Voice, and many more channels.


Automate journeys, from awareness to advocacy

Take your customers from point A to B, guiding them through the journey with a unified communication solution for marketing, sales, and customer service. Drive revenue by leveraging customer data, automated event-based engagement, omnichannel communications, and customer support with a human touch. 


Onboard safely, communicate securely

Build trust with reliable and secure authentication on the channels your customers prefer, without degrading the Customer Experience. Add an additional layer of security to enhance privacy for drivers and customers with number masking.  


Engage employees faster with automation

Boost employee engagement right from registration to booking with intelligent chatbots, automated reminders, and agent support – at scale. Ease employee anxiety and increase productivity with an automated registration process and intuitive engagement campaigns.


Deliver faster resolutions

With our smart, AI-driven solutions, your service is not limited by work hours of availabity of agents. Respond on-demand with AI chatbots for always-on support, instant answers, and speedy first touch problem resolution on the channels your customers prefer.


reached a goal of over 90% calls anonymized with Infobip


Increased driver conversions by 40%


decreased costs by 20%, while increasing CSAT

Infobip is a great partner because of their ability to keep up with our global growth and provide the type of service we need to meet our users’ demands. The main advantages of working with Infobip are their flexibility, the client success management and support teams.

— Yoon Jung, Procurement Manager, Uber

Infobip helped us improve the way we register and onboard drivers using WhatsApp. We used Answers, Conversations, and Moments to enhance our driver registration, deliver better experiences to drivers and optimize internal processes. Our strong partnership with Infobip helps support the company’s rapid growth.

— Yev Baluyeva. Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Bolt

With Infobip omnichannel communications, we managed to communicate our message without worrying about limitations when it comes to Cyrillic characters. We increased customer satisfaction with the implementation of Viber. Another great thing about Infobip’s platform are the multiple channels it enables us to combine.

— Nikolay Levi Product Manager, Rapido

Unify your communications and grow customer satisfaction

Improve reach

Orchestrate your promotional messages, and other notifications on any channel.

Engage customers

Send personalized, event-triggered campaigns that improve conversion rates on all of your digital properties.


Provide real-time support with smart chatbots and/or live agents through a digital contact center.


Enable a safer communication experience with hassle-free authentication and number masking.

Omnichannel transportation and logistics experiences, simplified

We help transportation and logistics companies deliver timely customer and employee communications throughout the journey via a single platform.