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Build the experiences your customers want with our flexible API stack. Integrate their favorite channels with your business workflow to elevate their customer journey.

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Acquire, grow and retain customers or simply build end-to-end customer journeys with no-code and low-code solutions over a single web interface.


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The experts have spoken- Infobip is the CPaaS leader your business needs

Juniper Research ranks Infobip as the established leader for CPaaS

Juniper Research has ranked Infobip as the number one CPaaS provider among 19 vendors, exceeding all its competitors in its capacity and capabilities, making Infobip a leader in the CPaaS category.

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Size of operations in the mobile communications sector Size of operations in the mobile communications sector

Segment coverage Segment coverage

Market presence Market presence

Harness over 15 years of experience with the world’s most connected platform

With industry-leading expertise, you can deliver superb customer experience through our global network.

450 billion+ interactions per year

Achieve the highest delivery rates and scale your messages as you grow on our secure platform.

9,700+ global connections

And 800+ direct operator connections to facilitate reliable messaging and use cases anywhere in the world.

40+ data centers

Our worldwide data centers help you keep operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Highest standards of compliance

Send compliant messages anywhere in the world and in line with local regulations.

75+ offices on 6 continents

Global experience and local presence provides best-in-class service and solutions.

24/7 support

Always-on support and network monitoring available with expert service.

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Knowledge base – the Infobip library

Explore a wide range of materials to help you grow your business. Learn more about our latest updates, how to boost customer engagement, and best-practice guides to help you succeed.

Market analysis

Infobip Messaging Trends 2022/23

We analyzed over 153 billion interactions that took place on our platform in the first half of 2022 compared to the first half of 2021 to learn the current trends in business-to-consumer communications. 

SMS campaigns: Everything you need to know

Find out what an SMS campaign is, how to set up a successful one, and explore different campaign ideas.

How to design and build a WhatsApp chatbot – with examples

Everything you need to know to plan, design, and build a chatbot that helps you connect with your customers – without a line of code.

The ultimate guide to email automation

The only email automation how to guide you will ever need – packed with practical advice, worked examples, and mistakes to avoid.

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