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6 MMS Business Use Cases Beyond Sales & Marketing

6 MMS Business Use Cases Beyond Sales & Marketing

How brands are using MMS in innovative ways

MMS hit our phones almost 20 years ago, and brands were quick to recognize its power as a sales and marketing channel.

But we’ve come a long way since the days of simple MMS coupon campaigns.

Don’t get us wrong, that kind of straightforward marketing activity still delivers healthy ROI. But there’s so much more that MMS can do.

So we wanted to share some of our favorite MMS use cases you might not have considered.

Insurance claims

Lots of insurers are taking advantage of mobile messaging to keep their customers engaged. MMS is especially useful in their hour of need.

Say a policyholder was involved in a minor car accident, or they came home one day to find their basement flooded. They can immediately capture evidence of the damage by taking a quick picture on their phone and texting it to their provider.

That’s one less thing for them to think about. And it helps the insurance company speed up the claims process.

Subscription sign-up

MMS makes it easy for your customers to send you information quickly and accurately.

For example, eyeglass wearers can take a picture of their prescription and text it to a retailer. That process triggers a subscription service to deliver prescription glasses or contact lenses every month.

People like subscription services because they’re easy, so the sign-up process has to be a breeze too. MMS makes it simple, and there’s no chance of a typo or missing data breaking the process.

Simple customer support

What do utility companies, cable and broadband providers (and lots more) have in common? Their customer care can be a nightmare – complicated for the customer and costly for the company.

We’ve all been there: the WiFi’s broken and we need to get online. We’ve reset the router but five different lights are flashing at us.

Mobile messaging is great for customer support issues like this, but sometimes text-based SMS isn’t enough.

A picture or a short video can save the day, showing exactly what a customer needs to do (and which buttons they need to push) to resolve their issue quickly.

Product registration

In the old days, if you wanted to register a new product you just bought, you had to call a number or go online to do it.

The result? Lots of customers didn’t bother. So they couldn’t take advantage of related offers – and they might even miss out on warranties and product upgrades.

MMS takes the friction out of the registration process by enabling customers to text a picture of the product’s barcode. Simple.

Proof of delivery

Home delivery is more than a convenience these days – it’s expected as standard.

But even after they’ve chosen their delivery slot and told you where to leave the package, it’s natural that customers worry about their goods getting to them in one piece.

That’s why we’ve seen lots of delivery services send MMS messages to customers with a picture of their package delivered safely to their front door or designated safe place.

Temporary credit card

Here’s a clever twist on the traditional MMS coupon use case.

Imagine one of your loyal customers is shopping but they’ve forgotten to bring their store credit card. It’s annoying for them as they’ll miss out on their card benefits – and could even make them postpone a purchase.

But there’s a solution. Some retailers have given shoppers a number to text if they’re in this situation. A quick text interaction will verify their details with the retailer’s systems and, once that’s done, the customer receives a QR code.

At the checkout, this QR code acts as the shopper’s personal (temporary) credit card, filling in for the real thing they left at home. Pretty smart.

Over to you

Hopefully these use cases have sparked some ideas of your own.

If you want to upgrade some of your existing SMS campaigns to MMS, or to start an entirely new campaign, we’d love to talk it over with you. Get in touch.

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