Conversational wallet: Interface for modern financial services

Conversational wallets have revolutionized customer experience by providing a more intuitive and convenient way for individuals to manage their finances.

Tomislav Biscan

What is a conversational wallet?

With conversational interfaces powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing, customers can interact with their digital wallets through text-based conversations.

This streamlined approach eliminates the need for complex navigation through menus and buttons, allowing users to effortlessly perform various tasks such as checking balances, making payments, transferring funds, and even receiving personalized financial advice.

The conversational aspect of these wallets adds a human touch, making the customer experience more engaging and interactive while also reducing the learning curve for individuals who may not be tech-savvy.

Now that you are aware of conversational wallets, how can you leverage it?

How to start with conversational wallets?

Conversational wallet leverages the capabilities of Infobip’s omnichannel cloud communication platform and Orangepill’s financial technology solutions. Providing a conversational and interactive channel for various financial services.

It integrates Infobip’s omnichannel capabilities and Infobip Exchange integration with Orangepill to enable customers to interact with their financial accounts, perform transactions, access personalized financial advice, make payments, transact, collect reward points and cashbacks, and obtain information through conversations with a virtual assistant or chatbot.

What are the benefits of using conversational channels for finance?

The benefits of using a conversational channel for financial solutions are numerous:

1. Seamless customer experience:

Conversational interfaces mimic human-like interactions, making it more intuitive and user-friendly compared to traditional graphical user interfaces. Customers can interact with the conversational wallets through voice or text, allowing for a more natural and personalized experience.

2. Accessability and convenience

Conversational wallets provide easy access to financial services anytime, anywhere. Customers can engage with the platform using their preferred devices, such as smartphones, smart speakers, or messaging apps, eliminating the need for physical visits to banks or websites.

3. Personalized financial guidance:

By leveraging customer data, conversational wallets can offer tailored financial advice and recommendations based on an individual’s financial goals, spending patterns, and preferences. Customers can receive personalized insights, budgeting tips, investment suggestions, and reminders for bill payments, helping them make informed financial decisions.

4. Transactional capabilities:

Conversational wallets enable customers to perform various financial transactions directly through the interface. Customers can transfer funds, pay bills, manage subscriptions, check account balances, and initiate investment transactions using simple commands. This streamlines the financial management process and eliminates the need for multiple apps or interfaces.

5. Enhanced security:

Conversational wallets can incorporate advanced security measures such as multi-factor authentication to ensure the privacy and safety of financial data. Customer interactions are securely encrypted, minimizing the risk of fraud or unauthorized access to sensitive information.

6. Improved financial literacy:

Conversational wallets can act as personalized financial assistants, providing educational content and explanations about financial concepts, investment strategies, and money management techniques. Customers can ask questions, seek clarifications, and receive educational materials, fostering financial literacy and empowering individuals to make better financial decisions.

7. Integration with third-party services:

Conversational wallets can integrate with various third-party services, such as utility providers, eCommerce platforms, and financial institutions, enabling seamless transactions and data sharing. This integration expands the scope of financial services accessible through the conversational wallet and enhances its overall functionality.

8. Loyalty and reward programs:

Conversational interfaces have the potential to revolutionize loyalty and reward programs by providing a seamless and personalized channel for engagement.

What are the use cases for conversational wallets?

Conversational wallets powered by Infobip and Orangepill provide an innovative and efficient way to engage with financial services. They offer personalized, convenient, and secure channels for managing finances, accessing information, and receiving tailored financial guidance, revolutionizing the way individuals interact with their digital assets.

Use case: Digital banking

A conversational interface revolutionizes digital bank account management and transactions by providing users with a seamless and intuitive experience. Through natural language processing, customers can effortlessly interact with the digital platform using their preferred messaging apps or voice assistants.

This interface empowers users to check balances, transfer funds, make payments, and even receive personalized financial insights through friendly and responsive conversations, making banking more accessible, efficient, and user-centric.

Use case: Wallet

A conversational interface for wallets with virtual currencies and cash in/cash out offers a seamless and intuitive way for users to manage their financial transactions. By leveraging natural language processing and artificial intelligence, users can simply chat with their wallet, instructing it to perform tasks such as transferring virtual currencies, converting them to cash, or depositing cash into their accounts.

This user-friendly interface enhances accessibility and streamlines the financial experience, empowering individuals to effortlessly navigate the world of digital currencies and traditional cash transactions.

Use case: Retail loyalty programs

By leveraging conversational technologies, businesses can offer tailored recommendations, exclusive offers, and real-time assistance to their customers.

This interactive and intuitive approach fosters a deeper sense of engagement and loyalty, allowing customers to easily track their rewards, redeem points, and receive personalized rewards suggestions through natural conversations. By utilizing conversational interfaces as a channel for loyalty and reward programs, businesses can create a more meaningful and rewarding customer experience, ultimately driving increased customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

Use case: Exchange and trading

A conversational interface for a crypto exchange with trading, buy and sell orders, and future buy and future sell orders provides users with a seamless and intuitive platform to interact with the cryptocurrency market. By leveraging natural language processing, users can simply engage in conversation with the interface to execute trades, place buy and sell orders, and even set up future transactions.

This user-friendly interface enhances accessibility and convenience, empowering individuals to navigate the complexities of cryptocurrency trading easily and efficiently.

Use case: Stablecoin pockets

A conversational interface for pockets in stablecoins and the ability to save in stablecoins offers users a convenient and secure method to manage their digital assets. By engaging in natural language conversations, individuals can effortlessly allocate and track their funds across different stablecoin wallets within the interface.

Additionally, the option to save in stablecoins provides a stable and reliable store of value, allowing users to protect their wealth and potentially earn interest through various savings mechanisms. This conversational interface simplifies the process of managing stablecoin investments, promoting financial stability and flexibility for users.

Use case: Cashback

A conversational interface for cashback solutions offers customers a seamless and user-friendly way to access and maximize their cashback rewards. By leveraging natural language processing, this interface enables users to interact with the cashback platform through voice or text-based conversations.

Customers can easily inquire about their cashback balance, redeem rewards, explore available offers, and receive personalized recommendations, all in a simple and engaging conversation. This intuitive interface enhances the user experience, making cashback solutions more accessible and convenient for individuals seeking to make the most of their shopping experiences.

How conversational wallet help in times of economic crisis?

Conversational wallets have emerged as a transformative tool in times of economic crisis, offering a range of benefits that help individuals navigate the challenging financial landscape. These innovative digital wallets leverage natural language processing capabilities to facilitate seamless and personalized financial interactions. During economic crises, when uncertainty prevails, and financial decisions become more critical, conversational wallets become invaluable companions.

One of the key advantages of conversational wallets is their ability to provide real-time assistance and guidance to users.

They offer a comprehensive suite of features, such as:

  • budgeting tools
  • expenditure analysis
  • personalized financial recommendations

This empowers individuals to gain a holistic understanding of their financial situation and make informed decisions about saving, spending, and investing. By connecting with various financial institutions and aggregating data from multiple sources, conversational wallets provide users with a consolidated view of their financial accounts and transactions.

This integration facilitates better financial planning and enables users to optimize their resources in times of crisis.

Furthermore, conversational wallets play a vital role in enhancing financial literacy and empowerment during economic downturns. They offer accessible and user-friendly interfaces, demystifying complex financial concepts and educating individuals about budgeting, debt management, and emergency funds.

Through interactive conversations and personalized recommendations, conversational wallets empower users to:

  • develop healthy financial habits
  • establish saving goals
  • effectively manage their cash flow

This knowledge and skill set are invaluable in times of economic turmoil, as individuals can make more informed decisions and adapt their financial strategies accordingly.

Conversational wallets also provide timely updates and alerts about market fluctuations, policy changes, and government assistance programs. This ensures that users stay well-informed and can adjust their financial strategies in response to evolving circumstances.

By mitigating risks, taking advantage of available opportunities, and safeguarding their financial well-being, individuals can navigate economic crises more effectively with the support of conversational wallets.

Moreover, conversational wallets foster financial inclusivity by catering to diverse user needs and circumstances. They can provide language support and accessibility features, ensuring that individuals from different backgrounds can effectively engage with financial services.

By addressing language barriers and simplifying financial processes, conversational wallets enable a wider population to access essential financial resources and make informed decisions during economic crises. This inclusivity not only promotes economic stability at the individual level but also contributes to overall societal resilience and recovery.

How conversational wallets help increase revenue?

The implementation of a conversational wallet has proven to be a highly effective strategy for businesses aiming to increase their revenue. By integrating conversational technology into the payment process, customers are provided with a seamless and personalized experience.

The conversational wallet enables real-time interactions, allowing customers to make purchases, inquire about products or services, and receive instant support, all within a single platform.

This convenience and accessibility result in improved customer satisfaction, increased engagement, and, ultimately, higher conversion rates.

Additionally, the conversational wallet facilitates targeted marketing and upselling opportunities, as it captures valuable customer data and preferences. Through personalized recommendations and tailored promotions, businesses can maximize their revenue potential and foster long-term customer loyalty.

Security with conversational wallet

Conversational wallet offers a powerful and secure solution for managing financial transactions and digital assets. The integration of Infobip’s robust security measures with Orangepill’s user-friendly interface creates a seamless and trustworthy experience for users.

The solution ensures that sensitive financial information remains secure and protected from unauthorized access. Users can confidently engage in transactions, check balances, and manage their digital assets, knowing that their information is safeguarded by the cutting-edge security features provided by Infobip and Orangepill.

The Infobip platform further enhances the quality of the conversational wallet system. Renowned for its reliable and secure communication infrastructure, enabling seamless integration between users and the wallet. Infobip’s platform provides real-time notifications, two-way messaging, and secure data transfer, ensuring that users receive timely updates and can easily interact with the wallet.

Additionally, Infobip’s robust APIs and developer tools make it easy to integrate and customize the wallet solution according to specific business needs. The combination of Orangepill and Infobip’s platform creates a secure and user-friendly environment, instilling confidence in users and enabling smooth and efficient financial interactions.

Security is of paramount importance in today’s digital landscape, especially when it comes to financial transactions.

Conversational wallet, a cutting-edge financial platform, recognizes this need and prioritizes the security of its users. By integrating advanced encryption protocols and multi-factor authentication, Conversational wallet ensures that user data and financial information remain secure and protected from unauthorized access. Whether it’s conducting transactions, managing accounts, or transferring funds, users can have peace of mind knowing that their sensitive information is safeguarded against potential threats.

Infobip, a leading global communications platform provider, offers a secure and reliable infrastructure that underpins the Conversational wallet ecosystem. With its advanced network architecture and stringent security measures, Infobip ensures the protection of data and communications throughout the entire payment process.

By leveraging Infobip’s platform, conversational wallet benefits from a trusted and resilient infrastructure that mitigates risks prevents fraud, and maintains the privacy of user information. This partnership between conversational wallet and Infobip demonstrates a commitment to providing users with a secure and trustworthy financial solution in an increasingly interconnected digital world.

What is Orangepill?

Orangepill is a platform for building modern financial solutions in a fast and logical way using layer of Virtual Accounts.

Orangepill’s accounting core supports a broad spectrum of digital assets, including:

  • regular FIAT money like USD or EUR
  • stablecoins like USDC or USDT
  • cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum
  • ERC20 tokens like BAT or UNI
  • customer-defined virtual currencies
  • loyalty points

You can use Orangepill Dashboard and REST API to build financial services and wallets from scratch or integrate it with your platform easily and fast.

Orangepill brings financial services in record time

Orangepill emerges as a groundbreaking platform that revolutionizes the management of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, FIAT currencies, and virtual currencies. With its seamless integration across multiple blockchain networks, FIAT ramps, and wallet integrations, Orangepill offers users a comprehensive and developer-friendly interface to build solutions based on digital assets.

The platform’s advanced security and encryption protocols ensure the utmost safety and protection of users’ assets, providing a trusted environment for managing a wide range of digital currencies.

By leveraging Orangepill’s platform, financial institutions, and fintech companies can expedite the development of secure and scalable solutions, such as digital banking, payment gateways, investment platforms, and more. The platform’s clever architecture and pre-built modules provide a solid foundation for creating customizable and feature-rich financial applications.

Whether it’s accelerating onboarding processes, enhancing transaction security, or optimizing user experiences, Orangepill’s fast and clever approach allows for the seamless integration of modern financial solutions, bringing convenience and efficiency to individuals and businesses alike.

Start building with Infobip and Orangepill

The process of self-onboarding with the platform Orangepill is a seamless and simple experience. The platform’s intuitive interface and comprehensive resources guide you effortlessly through the onboarding process. The user-friendly design of the Orangepill platform, coupled with its rich collection of tutorials, docs, and demos, equips users with the knowledge and tools needed to quickly adapt and navigate the platform’s features. With Orangepill, you can effortlessly build financial products and integrate it into your solution.

To see the full potential of the conversational wallet platform, feel free to contact Orangepill or choose an appointment for a live demo.

Activate Orangepill and Infobip integration in a few clicks

Use this step-by-step tutorial to build conversational experiences with Infobip and Orangepill.

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Aug 24th, 2023
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