e& enterprise: Empowering businesses into a digital future with emerging technologies

e& enterprise is leading the way in helping businesses transition into a digital future with emerging technologies. Find out how our partnership can empower your organization to drive innovation.

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Razan Saleh

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

In today’s interconnected world, businesses face increasing pressure to innovate and adapt. The fast-paced business landscape is characterized by a constant push toward digitalization, with companies across various industries seeking to leverage technology to streamline operations, cut costs, and deliver top-notch service.

As the digital revolution sweeps across industries, the demand for robust, flexible, and innovative solutions continues to rise. Leading this transformation is e& enterprise, the digital transformation unit of global technology powerhouse e& Group previously known as Etisalat Group.

The digital transformation unit enables enterprises and governments to become smarter, more agile, and highly efficient through advanced technologies like conversational messaging, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence (AI), and more.

We sat down with Miguel Angel Villalonga, Chief Operations Officer (COO)  at e& enterprise, to discuss how e& enterprise is embracing emerging technologies, the value of partnering with a digital transformation partner to accelerate enterprise digitalization and the impact of Open Gateway on the tech industry.

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A look inside e& enterprise’s digital journey

e& enterprise is a digital solutions company experiencing rapid growth and expansion in the GCC region. It offers a wide range of services and has acquired key players in the digitalization field.

e& enterprise helps businesses maximize and realize their digital potential. They design, deliver, implement, and operate smart and secure end-to-end digital solutions, blending the strength of a telco and the agility of a managed service provider.

To date, e& enterprise boasts over 1,800 digital experts, serves more than 4,700 clients, and offers capabilities and services in digital infrastructure including:

  • cloud, data and AI
  • cybersecurity
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • customer experience
  • digital transformation consulting

The impact of emerging technologies on enterprise digitization

Villalonga pointed out that the significance of a cloud solution extends beyond offering the necessary capacity and services to diverse industries. Through its AI digitalization journey, e& enterprise is set to deliver data-driven services to a wide array of industries.

As technology evolves, the infrastructure element of telcos is no longer the most important part of the solution we provide for our customers.

Miguel Angel Villalonga

Chief Operations Officer

One key focus area to enable this transition was reallocating valuable resources efficiently. As technology advances, the way customers interact with businesses is changing too. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbots, e& enterprise customers can now access self-service options more easily, reducing the need for traditional call centers and customer service representatives.

On the back end, virtual networks and cloud-based services help free up specific technical resources, allowing them to focus on innovative projects that could drive future revenue growth.

We are a technology company, and as we adopt more emerging technologies, we are getting used to a new hype, a new wave every year.

Miguel Angel Villalonga

Chief Operations Officer

From communication to collaboration: The Infobip x e& enterprise partnership

Businesses, including large enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), looking to enhance customer experience and digitalize customer communication rely on innovative cloud communication technologies to facilitate this. While many businesses prioritize digital platforms, communication tools serve as an extension that simplifies building conversational experiences with customers.

e& enterprise partnered with Infobip, a leading cloud communication provider, to accelerate the digital transformation of its enterprise customers. Combining the power of Infobip’s global communications platform with e& enterprise’s most connected mobile networks, businesses can set up interactive, personalized conversational messaging experiences at scale.

Advanced CPaaS solutions open an entirely new market, helping small and medium enterprise clients better engage with customers through increased deliverability on the most popular channels.

Villalonga discussed how today’s end users look for quality and simplicity. They want a unified, standardized way to interact with their brands, telcos, banks, or other service providers.

Our relationship with Infobip is a core element of these omnichannel solutions with more intelligent ways of ensuring customer interaction improves. They’re a great example of a successful partnership and a fundamental pillar in approaching our enterprise customer requirements.

Miguel Angel Villalonga

Chief Operations Officer

Our customer engagement solution, chatbot building platform, and customer data platform also enable businesses of all sizes to automate, personalize, and orchestrate communication according to their customer’s behavior and preferences.

These channels and cloud solutions, coupled with e&’s network, make improving engagement, payments, shopping, and any other interaction across the customer journey simple and attainable for small, medium, and large enterprises.

A member of the GSMA Open Gateway: Unlocking innovation with CAMARA APIs

Villalonga also stressed the importance of collaboration and interoperability. e& enterprise has strengthened cross-sector collaboration and promoted cross-regional collaboration with other operators to better understand customers’ requirements. This enabled them to manage capital expenditures more efficiently while maximizing opportunities for revenue growth.

Being a member of GSMA Open Gateway has opened more collaboration opportunities for e&. It enables direct interaction between applications and the network through APIs, enhancing communication performance. Not to mention, Open Gateway is giving developers around the world an opportunity to use the Telco infrastructure.

Open Gateway is a different game for us. It’s opening the telco network infrastructure to the developer communities.

Miguel Angel Villalonga

Chief Operating Officer

Open Gateway also provides an opportunity for cloud communications service providers like Infobip to partner with telcos and offer communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) as a solution to build customer-centric experiences and boost engagement. How?

Open Gateway offers a standardized platform for cloud communication providers and telecoms to seamlessly integrate their services and offerings. By opening up their gateways, Infobip can enable easier communication and collaboration between their systems, allowing for more efficient and effective sharing of resources, data, and services.

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Jun 26th, 2024
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Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Razan Saleh

Senior Content Marketing Specialist