Top 3 tricks and treats to deliver thrilling Halloween marketing campaigns  

Learn about three ways to elevate your Halloween marketing campaigns by putting customer communication first.

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Monika Karlović

Content Marketing Specialist

The end of summer signals the start of the holiday season – which means the busiest time of year for retailers is right around the corner. To kick off the season, more and more consumers are going all out for Halloween. From spooky costumes for kids and adults, bags of candy, loads of pumpkins, and home décor, Halloween has become a staple holiday for many people across North America.  

As sales are expected to reach $12.2 billion this year, retailers are looking for ways to boost engagement with consumers and get their hands into this massive bag of goodies.  

Halloween retail shopping habits

In the last year, there was a spike in Halloween sales as more people participated and purchased various seasonal products. However, this year sales are expected to rise even higher and reach a record $12.2 billion, exceeding last year’s $10.6 billion, according to the National Retail Federation’s annual Halloween Consumer survey

More than 73% of consumers plan to celebrate the holiday this year. But how exactly are consumers spending their money?  


on candy


on home and yard decorations


on costumes


on pumpkin carving


on private parties

All in all, there is plenty of room for retailers to benefit from the expected increase in spending, but how do you ensure you launch the best Halloween marketing campaigns and steer clear of any terrifying results?  

Read on to uncover our top three tips for a successful Halloween marketing campaign. 

3 ways to elevate your Halloween marketing campaigns

1. Utilize data to treat customers like individuals, not zombies

Like any other holiday, Halloween encourages people to turn to social media for inspiration and sharing special moments. In fact, online channels have the highest rate of inspiration sources compared to other offline sources. 

This is an excellent opportunity for retailers to ensure their marketing campaigns are personalized and data-driven. Brands can collect and analyze interactions with their customers, behavior on their website, past-purchases, and much more.

With the right data, you can better understand your customers’ preferences and craft personalized campaigns that will encourage conversions.


Picture a busy mom searching for a last minute Mario Kart costume for her kids.

A few hours later, she gets a promotional email from your business on a flash sale for all Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger costumes. You’ve missed the mark on encouraging her to purchase by sending an irrelevant email.

So how can you build the right personalized campaigns for a wide range of buyers? A customer engagement solution and a customer data platform can help you plot personalized journeys through targeted marketing campaigns based on customer behaviors and demands. 

Investing in these solutions will help you gather information about your audience, store the data in one place and help you transform them into detailed customer profiles. This, in turn, helps businesses leverage end-to-end customer data to gain real-time insights into behavior, product usage, and channel preferences – resulting in more robust customer profiles and hyper-personalization.  

2. Omnichannel marketing is the gold standard

Most businesses have a staple channel they use to communicate with their customers. For some it might be email, others might depend more on SMS. But your customers use a wide range of channels and are constantly looking for simpler ways to communicate with businesses.  

That being said, you need to be prepared to interact with customers on the channels they are already using. Adopting an omnichannel communication strategy with different channels ensures that you adapt to customers’ preferences while staying connected to them.  


You can use ads on your social media that click to WhatsApp, giving customers easy access chat with your brand.

If you run your spooky campaigns on Instagram, make yourself available to chat directly on the app, and eliminate the need to switch channels to complete an interaction.

Additionally, you can use SMS, email, Viber, or any other channels to send coupons, promotional specials and deals, depending on how your customers communicate with you. It all boils down to being available for your customers around the clock and, most importantly, over the channels of their choice. 

3. Introduce automation and self-service options for 24/7 communication

When you launch a powerful campaign, your goals might be to boost sales and interactions with customers. That means there will be an influx of queries and questions around a busy season like Halloween. To maintain the success of your marketing campaigns, you need to maintain your ability to manage queries, or you might risk your reputation as a reliable retailer. 

Using a self-service chatbot can help you automate interactions and give customers the answers they need faster than ever.  


Let’s revisit our busy mom searching for a last minute costume.

You’ve collected her data and know she has searched for Mario Kart costumes on your site – and has even abandoned her cart.

Your ad for 20% off Mario Kart costumes appears on her Instagram, she can access your WhatsApp channel directly from that ad and interact with a 24/7 chatbot to find out if Princess Peach is still in stock and in the size she is looking for.

The chatbot answers her questions in an instant, and prompts her to go back to her cart to complete her purchase with the 20% off discount code.

Take a look at how the shopping journey looks like from our busy mom’s perspective:

A chatbot can help you: 

  • Automate your customer service and reduce operational costs 
  • Improve customer and agent experiences 
  • Provide 24/7 support to handle more queries 
  • Offload frequently asked questions from your agents 

Using a chatbot helps improve your overall contact center metrics and gives customers the quick response they expect and a shorter time to resolution. The best part? If the chatbot can no longer help the customer, they can seamless transfer them to a live agent who can continue the conversation in the exact same chat.

Level-up your Halloween marketing campaigns

As Halloween approaches and the holiday season kicks off, it’s essential for retailers to embrace innovative strategies to improve their marketing campaigns. With Halloween sales expected to reach record highs, there’s a golden opportunity to make the most of this spooky season.  

To make your Halloween marketing even more effective, find out how you can automate campaigns and offer customers smoother experiences this holiday season.

Want to automate your Halloween campaigns?

Learn how to automate your marketing campaigns with the right tools.

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Monika Karlović

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