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Your Retail Marketing Automation Checklist

Your Retail Marketing Automation Checklist

Engaging and retaining customers has never been this easy. See how you can boost your customer engagement campaigns by downloading our retail marketing automation checklist

It’s important for retail brands to stand out from the crowd – and if (data-driven) personalized content is the king, then marketing automation is the knight in shining armor.

Retail marketing automation can help you earn a greater return on your marketing budget. Connecting all your online and offline data and automating the messaging process lets you focus on attracting higher value customers – while reducing campaign costs.

Marketing automation enables you to send targeted marketing communications across various channels, reward customers who spend time on your site, and drive sales through promotions – thereby increasing your customers lifetime value.

How is this done?

A mobile-first omnichannel marketing automation hub not only enables you to up your customer engagement game, but lets you:

  • Connect, integrate, and store data from all sources in one place – right from your customers’ names to preferences
  • Segment your customers based on the data collected
  • Build, personalize, and schedule messaging campaigns
  • Manage and expand your set of preferred channels with the ability to message in real time
  • A/B test, report, and analyze the results of your marketing automation efforts on sales

Omnichannel marketing automation enables real-time engagement with behavior-based triggers – allowing your brand to interact with your customers when they expect you to.

What can you automate?

As a retail marketer, here are some of the most popular campaigns you can automate:

You can find the details in the guide below.

What do you gain?                            

Increase your customers lifetime value: Actively engage with your customers at every stage of their shopping journey and increase their lifetime value.

Form lasting connections: Make customers feel valued through personalized engagement, which is relevant and timely, across all channels and touchpoints.

Customer journey automation: Increase efficiency by setting automatic triggers that drive marketing teams’ productivity and optimize the entire customer journey.

Omnichannel capabilities: Make sure your customers never miss out on anything important by managing communications such as cart abandonment, reminders, or failed deliveries over multiple channels. For example, if a high-value customer has abandoned a purchase, why just send an email? Send them an SMS or a WhatsApp message to prompt instant and effective action.

Boost loyalty: Nudge customers to continue shopping automatically rather than waiting for them to come back.

In order to experience these benefits, you need a reliable and trustworthy omnichannel customer engagement hub, which is scalable and allows you to handle a high volume of messages over multiple channels.

Our omnichannel customer engagement hub, Moments, allows you to do just that – automate your customer journey with triggered real-time communication based on the customers data you have collected.

To set your retail marketing automation in motion, download Your Retail Marketing Automation Checklist, and know when your customers want to be engaged.

Download the checklist by clicking on the image below.