Increase App Engagement With Mobile Push Notifications

Launching a mobile app can boost customer engagement and grow your digital revenue. But app downloads are no indicator of success, and effective engagement approaches are key to ensuring a return on your investment. Here we explore how to prime your mobile app for success, using push notifications to increase app engagement.

Why you need to increase app engagement

The main goal of any mobile app is to generate an active audience. Using your mobile app as a direct communications channel means making sure your target audience understands its benefits. Offering relevant information, so customers see the usefulness of going back to the app, fulfills the purpose of launching the app in the first place.

An effective way to increase app engagement is through a push notifications service. Here’s why and how:

Why are push notifications important?

One of the simplest ways to interact with customers is by using push notifications as a communications channel. Push notifications get users back to the app through a message that is sent directly to their devices, appearing on a lock screen, giving them a compelling reason to return.

Churn rates for mobile apps are especially high in the first 30 days after download, so it’s advisable to implement a strategy for mobile app messaging along with a plan for introducing your app to the market. Mobile app messaging is a solution that can help you interact with your customers by using push notifications as a communications channel, while at the same time track app engagement metrics.

How different industries use notifications to increase app engagement

Push notifications will be effective only if they provide clear value and communicate information that’s relevant for the app user. The more you can get users to open your app, the more likely they are to become active users – and therefore loyal customers – no matter your industry.

Here are some ways businesses can use push notifications to help engage, inform and alert their customers across banking, retail, and media.

App engagement examples in banking and finance

Banks and financial institutions can create innovative communications that get customers’ attention:

  • Use service messages to inform users about everything from withdrawals and deposits, to payment reminders, to branch office hours, announcements of system maintenance, and more.
  • Create special offers about new financial products, credit card eligibility or a drop in loan interest rates.
  • Send alerts about potentially suspicious activity related to a user’s account or that the account has been accessed from another device.
  • Improve account security through two-factor authentication when a user logs in to their online bank account or registers for your mobile app. 

App engagement examples in retail

Both brick and mortar and online stores can use push notifications to engage their customers year-round:

  • Announce new items available for purchase, including visuals to pique customer interest.
  • Offer special in-app-only discounts with a special code or simply remind users to get back to the app with a “We miss you” type of message.
  • Trigger automatic push notifications for loyalty programs, for example, whenever users are rewarded with extra points or when they redeem them.
  • Keep users informed on order delivery status or special in-store promotions during certain hours.

App engagement examples in media and entertainment

Use push notifications to increase user engagement in your programming by recommending content that fits their user profile:

  • Send reminders about shows they already watch (“new season starting”) or new shows they might be interested in.
  • Include unique video content such as trailers or celebrity interviews via the power of rich media.
  • Link videos or images to a section in your app where users can find more information about your content, and engage with a community of like-minded viewers.

How are you using push to increase app engagement?

Applicable to just about any industry, push notifications can be a useful tool to help you manage the user experience from a high level; for example, announcing new versions of your mobile app and engaging users to update it so they can enjoy its new features and benefits.

A successful mobile app is one that customers use because they see the value in it. To fully maximize your investment, regularly provide information that increases mobile app engagement. Communicating with your users will help you not only grow users during the adoption phase, but also convert adopters into loyal users who use your app to buy and engage with your products or services.

May 17th, 2019
4 min read