How generative AI can boost customer experience 10X through customer data platforms

Transform customer experience with generative AI by providing targeted offers, personalized content, and identifying emerging trends.

The relationship between businesses and their customers is evolving thanks to generative AI and the way it delivers a personalized journey. Now, from the data your business stores on individual customers, you can increase the relevancy of each customer’s journey to boost engagement and loyalty, and improve the overall customer experience.

In this post, we’ll dive into how generative AI enhances the customer experience by providing targeted offers, personalized content, and identifying emerging trends you can use to keep customers engaged.


When customers browse your website or receive communication from you, the customer experience is swayed by the level of personalization they receive.

Based on the data you hold on customers’ purchase history, browsing behavior, customer service on social media, and more, generative AI can present each customer with specific products or services that they’re more likely to be interested in.

Generative AI can analyze data in real-time to ensure personalizations are done at scale and are relevant and up-to-date. As customers engage with the site, this provides more data which further refines what the AI generates.

As well as providing a positive customer experience, this can also increase the ROI of your marketing efforts thanks to the opportunity for personalized cross-selling and upselling relevant products and services.

Targeted offers

The data held on individual customers can be analyzed to identify customers’ purchase intent, budget, and who is most at risk of churning.

AI can then generate offers specific to those customers to reduce churn and increase loyalty and spending. Offers can be tailored based on loyalty and lifetime customer value to generate better offers to customers with the highest value.

Generative AI can conduct A/B testing to identify which offers and discounts customers engage with most to fine-tune how it generates them in the future. This real-time feedback loop ensures your brand provides a consistently positive customer experience.

Customized content

Generative AI can use your customers’ data to customize content to the point where no two customers are likely to receive the same experience. This highly personalized approach to content can do wonders for engagement and building customer loyalty.

Below are examples of how generative AI can help with the generation of content.

  • Product descriptions, which can appeal to individual customers’ pain points to ensure they can make informed decisions.
  • Email campaigns, which target each customer’s interests, behaviors and purchase history. Personalized emails are 29% more likely to be opened than non-personalized emails.
  • AI can instantly and accurately translate copy into different languages to improve the experience of international customers.
  • AI-generated content can take the strain off your marketing team by creating posts and responding to users. These posts can be customized depending on the platform and demographics.
  • AI can generate ideas for topics, products, services, and features to diversify the content you produce.

Create more engaging customer journeys

From the point of view of a customer, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to search in vain to find the content, product, or service you’re looking for.

A negative customer experience will increase churn and prevent customers from being nurtured into ones who are loyal and potentially high-value.

When a customer’s needs and wants are met quickly and easily, they’re far more likely to engage with your brand, which in turn creates an all-around more positive experience.

Generative AI can operate at every stage of a customer’s journey, from the moment they land on your website to the moment they receive their product or service – and beyond. This includes interactions with your customer service team.

Generative AI can tailor the onboarding experience to match the customer’s goals and interests. It can then ensure the customer has a seamless omnichannel experience with your brand whether they engage with you via your website, social channels, email, or more.

During every stage, generative AI can personalize the customer experience to ensure it’s as relevant and positive as it can be based on the real-time data you have.

Without generative AI, you risk customers losing interest in your brand because you can’t guarantee that you can shift to meet their changing demands or keep up with new trends. 

You can also utilise templated journeys, which don’t require coding or technical know-how to implement, so saves your business time and money. You can simply choose a template that closely matches your goals, then customize it to ensure it fits with what you and your customers need. This enables you to boost the customer experience within a short timeframe.

Anticipate customer needs

Thanks to its ability to automate data analysis, generative AI can spot behavior patterns and trends to identify how customers’ needs change. This enables businesses to proactively generate products, services, and offers to prevent them from playing catchup with their competitors. You might even do this before the customer realizes they need a particular product or service.

An example of this is when a customer orders a perishable or frequently-used product that might need to be reordered.

Based on data related to purchase history and behaviors, you can predict when a customer might need to place another order and your AI can generate a marketing email with a personalized offer. This helps build customer loyalty and prevents them from going to a competitor.

Similarly, throughout the year you can send out AI-generated offers and communications based on the time of year and upcoming holidays.

So, based on your customers’ purchase and browsing history, around Halloween, you might send offers related to candles and pumpkin-carving utensils, and at Christmas, you might want to share information on a new range of gift wrap.

The more customers engage with your brand, the more data you can potentially collect. And in turn, the more personalizations and relevant information your AI can generate.

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Oct 12th, 2023
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