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Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Martina Ivanović

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

With summer slowly but surely coming to an end, we continue to bring you improvements on our omnichannel communications platform.

Watch the video below to see what’s new:

For more details, keep reading to find out how you can improve your business communications with the updates we’ve made this month.

WhatsApp: Manage your templates with ease

In mid-September, you will be able to see template management and registration updates to make working with templates a more enjoyable experience for you. After recently releasing the possibility to delete templates for API users, it will also be available for Portal users. In addition, it will also be possible to export specific templates. To make the approval process faster, there will be new options for adding samples during the registration for placeholders, media files, and buttons, making template approval easier and faster.

Moments: Make your emails personalized and engage your audience

Our Moments’ Email Editor continues to be improved with exciting monthly updates, and in August, it is bringing you the new Placeholder and Anchor features.

Whenever you access Placeholders to personalize content in the email editor, you can type “{“, and an autocomplete menu with available placeholders will show up. The Placeholders list can now be triggered to easily personalize different types of content, including URLs, image captions in a carousel, menu text, alternative text for images, & Gmail promotional tabs.

The Anchor feature makes emails more interactive and engaging. With it, you can make a long message and create sections that link to a specific paragraph or a part within the message.

People CDP: Get better insights and user experience

The Anonymous Visitors feature is getting a power-up. With the new Website Visitors dashboard, you can easily find detailed statistics, adjust engagement strategies, and personalize communication with your anonymous visitors.​ The new dashboard provides you with information like:

  • most visited pages,
  • returning and total visitors by profile type,
  • conversion funnel, etc. 

Send Time Optimization (STO) is undergoing a make-over this month, improving your user experience and precision. With this new update, it will be possible to:

  • calculate best-sending times from the entire profile activity history, instead of the previous 90-day limit  
  • granular predictions will be available in minutes
  • more accurate results

Conversations: Engage in new markets

There are a couple of interesting updates in August, covering the way we manage Conversations Licenses as well as some language changes in Live Chat:

We now support Arabic language in Live Chat, with the widget also supporting right to left text input. Additionally, we’re changing the way that user licenses are managed. To use Conversations, a user will now have to have both the Conversations role and a license assigned to them.

Exchange/Partnership: Upgrades for ServiceNow integration

Infobip omnichannel conversational messaging integration with ServiceNow for customer support and engagement enables rich media WhatsApp messages with images, video, audio, and document message types.

If you missed product updates in July, check them here.

Aug 30th, 2022
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Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Martina Ivanović

Senior Content Marketing Specialist