Product updates Q3 2023 

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Ivo Starešina

Product Marketing Specialist

Quarterly highlights

In this video, you will get a chance to explore the most important updates from the past quarter. Learn more about CPaaS X, Click-to-chat Ads, Apple Messages for Business in Moments, various channels becoming available via Standalone API, Call Link v.2. and see what’s the buzz about. For more details about other updates we released in Q3 of 2023, check out the blog below the video. 

Omnichannel: Level up your customer communications by implementing fast and versatile channels

Customize end-to-end in-app experience with WhatsApp Flows and payments capability.

WhatsApp Business Platform is introducing a rich, custom experience with WhatsApp Flows. WhatsApp Flows enables you to create rich end-to-end customer experiences that encourage customers to finish their journey without leaving the app. You are getting the flexibility of WhatsApp to boost your conversion rates, all while quickly and efficiently solving issues for your customers. Learn More

With Flows, you can streamline: 

  • Lead generation
  • Product recommendation
  • Booking appointments
  • Managing orders and delivery
  • Collecting feedback

With payments (currently available for Brazil and India) on the WhatsApp Business Platform, you can increase sales conversion by offering seamless in-thread payments in the app with just a few clicks within the channel. Second, you can provide end-to-end purchase journeys within WhatsApp, where you already engage your customers. Lastly, it enables high retention by tracking orders and payment history in one place. Learn More

To learn more about the use cases for WhatsApp Flows and payments capability, visit our blog.

Best applied within the following industries: Retail eCommerce Finance Transportation

Email introducing flexible warmup logic. 

Domain warmup is a process of establishing a relationship between an Internet Service Provider (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) and an email sender, and it is defined by the number of emails sent each day with a graduate increase in volume until the full daily traffic is achieved.

Previously, our warmup started with 200 emails, increasing by 100% every 24 hours. We have transitioned from a static automated warmup to a flexible-smart automated warmup based on your deliverability and increased daily limits to 500+ emails*. Depending on your deliverability, the daily base traffic increment can be 30%, 40%, or 50%. This new warmup logic enables you to follow email best practices and improves deliverability by preventing you from exceeding mailbox provider limits.

*Applicable only to Portal users. 

More personalization with Viber for Business.  

In the past quarter, we brought you more supported formats with Viber for Business in Broadcast. Now, you can leverage the following formats and combinations: 

  • Video  
  • Video + Text  
  • Video + Text + Button  
  • Text + Button  
  • File 

With these additional formats, you can unlock more possibilities for conversational messaging with your customers. For example, you can send impactful marketing campaigns featuring videos presenting a new offer with a CTA button to explore more. Learn More

Best applied within the following industries:Retail eCommerce

New Broadcast capabilities and a powerful new API in Zalo. 

Expand your reach in Vietnam or reach out to your Vietnamese customer base by implementing Zalo Notification Service messages over our Broadcast solution (template registration required). Easily and instantly send one-way messages (personalized notifications, alerts, and reminders) with guaranteed delivery. 

Additionally, an updated version of Zalo Send API is being live. The improved Zalo Send API brings various features designed to elevate your communication efforts by giving you more control and flexibility when sending campaigns. Some improved capabilities are fortified security (RSA encryption), precision scheduling options, granular sending speed control, options to define delivery windows, and more flexibility with webhooks. Learn More

LINE Official Notifications coming to our platform, bringing more communication capabilities.  

By using LINE Official Notifications (LON) on our platform, you can deliver a great post-sale experience with useful notifications and reminders through pre-approved templates – for more details on templates, click here. LON is a 1-way service, and messages can be sent directly to the customer’s phone number (available for the Thailand market only), with SMS failover that guarantees delivery. Learn More

Businesses in South Korea getting more coverage with MMS. 

We expanded MMS capabilities in South Korea. If your business is in South Korea or you want to expand and reach your customer base there, you should incorporate MMS into your communication strategies. Share images, videos, and more, increasing engagement and conversion rates. 

Software Solutions: Enhanced customer service with cross-functional updates

Improved agent experience with channel and contact center power-ups. 

Live Chat within Conversations, our cloud contact center solution, allows your agents to initiate communication with a lead/customer. Proactive communication can be done with customers who already have started a conversation with you at one point or with leads that have active sessions. Learn More

New use case unlocked: 

  1. A bank is starting a campaign to validate its customers’ profile data. 
  2. An agent from the bank can proactively reach out to customers via Mobile App Live Chat, asking them to verify the information. [NEW] 
  3. When the customer logs in, they will see the verification message and can do the needful. 

Email within Conversations also received a power-up, with communications threading visibility. Now, your agents can see any previous communication in email replies (if they enable this option) – providing them with the necessary context. Learn More

New use cases unlocked: 

  1. Agents can see the history and modify it (if needed) when emailing customers. 
  2. If a conversation is switched to another department, other agents can see the context of all previous correspondence without internal syncing. 

A new element on Answers boosting personalization and data-driven decision making. 

We are introducing a new element on Answers, our chatbot building platform, that allows you to add tags to people’s profiles. With this element, you can retrieve existing tags, delete them, and create new tags associated with prospects/customers interacting with chatbots. It empowers you to understand your audience better, deliver relevant content, and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement. Learn More

Exchange: Elevate customer service and experience by Introducing third-party integrations

Conversational Commerce is coming to life with powerful integrations. 

Orangepill, a platform for building crypto payments solutions, is coming with a bang. This newest integration with Answers, our chatbot building platform, is opening a whole spectrum of conversational commerce by implementing Conversational Wallet products.  

You can leverage pre-built Orangepill functions to effortlessly build a chatbot for your customers and enable them to check account details, view transaction history, initiate transactions, make deposits, process withdrawals, and apply fees within digital channels. Learn More

Significant updates came for eCommerce platforms with VTEX and BigCommerce integrations going toward conversational commerce. If you integrate Answers chatbots with VTEX or BigCommerce, customers can finish their purchase journey over the checkout link shared directly by the chatbot. Learn More – VTEX Learn More – BigCommerce

Speaking of conversational commerce, Stripe, a payment services provider, is integrating with Answers chatbot to provide quick payment options. Now, you can sell products and services online and enable the automatic creation of payment links shared directly with your customers over messaging channels. With Stripe payment within Answers chatbots, you can access more than 20 payment methods – including credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Learn More 

New use case unlocked: 

  1. The customer starts a session with you over a chatbot and asks about an electronic scooter. 
  2. Answers chatbot powered by intent recognizes the need and automatically responds with status about the new model.  
  3. The customer would like to buy the new model of electronic scooter immediately.  
  4. Answers chatbot provides a Stripe link to end the purchase journey. [NEW] 

Best applied within the following industries: Retail eCommerce

Chatbots fueled by search engines and natural language processing. 

Another update for everyone using Answers chatbots is coming with Prefixbox Search, an eCommerce site search solution powered by AI. Now, you can integrate the same Prefixbox search engine used in your online stores and use it within your chatbots. Learn More

New use cases unlocked: 

  1. The customer starts a session with you over a chatbot. 
  2. Customer writes their inquiry for a specific niche of products (e.g., gaming laptops). 
  3. Answers chatbot powered by the Prefixbox engine showcases the most relevant products for the customers. [NEW] 
  4. The customer decided to add another layer of filtering (e.g., gaming laptops that are easier to carry). 
  5. Answers chatbot powered by the Prefixbox engine filters the results to fit the most recent query. [NEW] 

Best applied within the following industries: Retail eCommerce

Integrations boosting agent efficiency in various stages.  

By integrating Rubeus, a CRM solution focusing on educational purposes, with Answers, you ensure that your data is timely and properly collected and stored. Each interaction your prospect or a customer makes with a chatbot is matched with a proper contact within the CRM. This way, no information is lost, your contact’s relationship history is centralized, and agents become more efficient. Learn More

In another scenario, you might need to provide a multilingual service to your customers. With Evolutio’s integration within Conversations, you can do it. Translator for Conversations is an embeddable app that provides real-time translations within the same interface, thus removing the need for your agents to navigate away from the chat and ensuring a smoother experience for the customer.  Learn More

Integrations powering omnichannel capabilities.  

We recently added SMS to ActiveCampaign’s automation platform. Now, you don’t have to worry about global coverage – contact your customers with welcome messages, for special occasions, or with abandoned cart reminders. Learn More

To get more details about the implementation of the new capabilities, visit our monthly release notes: July, August, and September.  

Nov 23rd, 2023
Product Marketing Specialist

Ivo Starešina

Product Marketing Specialist