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Karlo Bogadi

Associate Product Marketing Manager

Quarterly highlights

In the video, we’ll demonstrate quicker and more precise Email validation, showcase Meta Ads Reporting for Infobip Business Messaging, unveil new WhatsApp templates such as Carousel, Coupon Code, and Limited-time Offer, along with Moments Campaign Conversion Reports. Finally, we’ll introduce the Infobip Developer Toolbox.

Also, check out the other releases below the video.

For Voice & Viber users: Viber Business Calls

Enhance customer engagement with Viber Business Calls. User-to-agent calls within the Viber app. Elevate customer journeys with heightened convenience and simple accessibility.

Benefits for end-users:

  • Connect directly with support agents for free.
  • No worries about roaming fees; call from anywhere.
  • Initiate calls with a simple tap.

Benefits for businesses:

  • Use the same Viber Business Calls number across multiple countries.
  • Implement various call scenarios effortlessly, no coding required.
  • Select from multiple endpoints including PSTN, SIP Trunk, Infobip SaaS Platform (Conversations & Moments), or build your own application via Calls API
  • Allow customers to call you from Viber links on your website, emails, or messages.

Best applied within the following industries:

For users buying and managing numbers: Numbers App upgrade

With this upgrade, we’ve introduced the most substantial improvements in the past 5 years for how our users manage, purchase, and import numbers.

You can explore offers and information before making a purchase, effortlessly request up to 20 numbers at once, transparently track their requests, import existing numbers with just a few clicks, choose how inbound traffic is routed, and so much more.

These new features ensure seamless and efficient number management, delivering a smoother experience than ever before.

For RCS & Broadcast users: New content editor for RCS

Introducing our newly streamlined content editor. This intuitive tool is designed to simplify the creation of rich message content, guaranteeing the best experience for you. With its user-friendly interface, crafting engaging content has never been more efficient, saving you valuable time and effort.

For WhatsApp & Answers users: Sharing location on WhatsApp Business Chat

Introducing a simpler, more interactive way to request and share locations on our WhatsApp chatbot. With one click, users can now share their exact location, improving their experience significantly.

This feature is particularly beneficial for services reliant on location-based information, like food delivery, ride-sharing, and travel booking, or when an end user asks for nearby stores or branches.

Best applied within the following industries:

For Answers & Conversations users: Expanding session expire dialog with transfer to agent

If an end-user remains inactive for a set period, the chatbot automatically redirects the flow to the ‘Session Expire’ dialog. From there, the conversation is seamlessly transferred to an agent in ‘Conversations’, facilitating re-engagement with users who may have forgotten about it and dropped off.

For Conversations users: View Management

New View Management lets you configure multiple Views with limited visibility for specific agent queues. With New View Management, you have more flexibility in organizing Customer Support with disjointed branches (e.g., regional) or separate departments (e.g., sales, support, service, quality assurance, etc.).

Let’s imagine a bank with dedicated compliance and quality assurance teams where both are monitoring either financial transactions, regulations, or industry standards. In this scenario, you are creating separate Queues for compliance and quality assurance. The next step is to configure two Views for these Queues:

(1) Compliance View – This view filters and displays transactions and operations that require compliance checks and auditing. It allows the compliance team to focus on regulatory compliance issues.

(2) Quality & Assurance View – The quality assurance team would have a separate view that shows customer interactions, service quality metrics, and feedback data. This view helps the quality assurance team to monitor and maintain service quality.

Both Views are powered by Custom Fields in People CDP. For the Compliance View, you will need a Custom Field with transactions above a certain range and customer segment, while for the Quality & Assurance View, you will need a Custom Field with a negative feedback check mark.

Additionally, we introduced Dark Mode for All Work & My Work, bringing the user experience to a new level.

Check out the demo video below to see how easy it is to set it up.

For People users: CDP encryption at rest and in transit

We have upgraded the security for our CDP. New layers of protection include encryption for data in transit and at rest. Encryption in transit safeguards data during collection, transfer, and activation processes. Encryption at rest shields data from physical and digital threats in data centers.

The diagram below highlights People’s encryption layers.

In addition, People CDP is both ISO 22301 and SOC 2 TYPE 1 certified, giving you a peace of mind that their data is protected according to the highest industry standards.

To get more details about the implementation of the new capabilities, visit our monthly release notes from January, February and March

Apr 23rd, 2024

Karlo Bogadi

Associate Product Marketing Manager